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May 2002:
Mrs. Nazek Rafic Hariri, President of the "206: A Bone Fund" is named First IOF Ambassador at the
IOF Women Leader's Roundtable Event.

Mrs. Hariri and HMQ Rania of Jordan

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The 206: A Bone Fund

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan

"I personally invite you to join me in becoming a member of 'The 206: A Bone Fund'. With your support, we can work together to reverse the silent epidemic of osteoporosis. Together we can make a big difference".

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan is Patron of the IOF and first member of "The 206: A Bone Fund"

One woman in three over the age of 50 can expect to suffer from osteoporosis – a disease which can cause severe pain and suffering as well as long-term disability. With the increase of life expectancy throughout the world, osteoporosis is becoming a worldwide, although mostly silent, epidemic. The tragedy is that the disease is largely preventable and treatable. If action is taken early enough to keep the 206 bones in the human body strong and healthy, individuals can remain above the threshold of fracture up to a very advanced age.

"With the help of 206 precious bones we can make a major breakthrough against osteoporosis"

Mrs. Nazek Hariri, President of "The 206: A Bone Fund" and First IOF Ambassador

Mrs. Nazek Hariri

206 bones in the body – 206 caring individuals

The IOF, with its scientific expertise and its network of more than 100 national osteoporosis societies around the world, has decided to create "The 206: A Bone Fund". The aim of "The 206" is to find 206 committed individuals who will each donate USD 50,000 to support research and public awareness efforts that are vital in the fight against osteoporosis. Seventy percent of each gift will be used by IOF for high priority international efforts, while 30% will be reserved for national efforts and will be transferred to national osteoporosis societies of the benefactor's choice".

Already, 26 benefactors have joined "The 206: A Bone Fund", even before the official international launch planned for 2005-6. Largely because of the efforts of Mrs. Nazek Hariri, President of "The 206", and Mrs. Maha Makari, President of the Lebanese Osteoporosis Prevention Society, the first national launch was held in Beirut in October 2000, in conjunction with the First Pan Arab Osteoporosis Conference. Mrs. Hariri personally hosted a glamorous, informative and entertaining dinner for which was attended by many VIPs. It was an unforgettable evening for all those who attended.

First national launch of 'The 206' in Beirut First national launch of "The 206" in Beirut

From right to left: Prof. P.D. Delmas, IOF President; Dr. Karam Karam, Lebanon's Minister of Health; Mrs. Nazek Hariri, President of "The 206" and wife of the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mrs. Mona Hraoui, former First Lady of the Lebanon; Mary Anderson, Executive Director of the IOF; Mrs. Maha Makari, President of the Lebanese Osteoporosis Prevention Society (LOPS); and Dr. Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Board Member and Secretary General of LOPS

For further information about "The 206: A Bone Fund", please contact:

5, Rue Perdtemps
1260 Nyon

Phone: +41 22 994 01 00
Fax: +41 22 994 01 01

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