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Invest in Your Bones: IOF-MSD Grants

Below is information about the IOF-MSD Education grant which was awarded from 1998-2001 and has now been discontinued:

In 2001 MSD, a member of IOF's Committee of Corporate Advisors, generously funded three grants to IOF member national societies.
These grants, known as "Invest in Your Bones: IOF-MSD Grants", are for USD 10,000 each. The name of the grants, formerly called education grants, reflects the three-year theme of World Osteoporosis Day, October 20th. The main purpose of the grants is to help national societies to establish osteoporosis as a higher priority disease among government agencies and healthcare decision makers.

Grants Awarded in 2001

In 2001 the IOF-MSD "Invest in Your Bones" Grants were awarded at the IOF-World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in Naples, May 2001. The winners of the grants were the Swedish Osteoporosis Patient Society (ROP), the Lithuanian Fund of Osteoporosis and the Jordanian Osteoporosis Patient Society.

See summary of 2001 award winning projects (PDF, 40 KB).

View video presentations from:

IOF Education Award 2000

The winners of the grants for 2000 were announced at the 6th World Wide Osteoporosis Patient Conference in Chicago. Winners were the Osteoporosis Committee of China Gerontological Society, Estonian Osteoporosis Society, Osteoporosis Society of India, Lebanese Osteoporosis Prevention Society, and the Dutch Osteoporosis Foundation. In addition to the $10,000 grant, each winner received a bronze sculpture by French artist Robert Thouret.

A. Elisabeth de Boer, President of the Dutch Osteoporosis Foundation and Art Kaufman of Merck Sharp and Dohme
Drs. A.B. Dey (left) and Rohini Handa of the Osteoporosis Society of India

See outline of winning projects (PDF, 52 KB)

IOF Education Award 1999

The winners of the 1999 Education Award were announced at the 5th IOF World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in October 1999. Euro 20,080 went to the German Green Cross for the advanced training of "Osteoporosis Prevention Teachers" in schools. The grant will be used to train 100 teachers from Hessen on all aspects of osteoporosis and its prevention. The second winner of a Euro 20,000 grant is the Bulgarian League for the Prevention of Osteoporosis for a project to establish and consolidate healthy habits of diet and exercise in primary school children, using child-friendly means such as picture books, television programme and a competition to encourage milk drinking.

New Zealand is awarded an MSD grant

New Zealand is awarded an MSD grant at the 5th WWC in Toronto

Three additional grants were generously offered by MSD. Each to a value of $10,000, the grants were awarded to the patient organisations developing the best early detection programs. An independent panel of judges selected projects from New Zealand, Romania and Spain. Osteoporosis New Zealand, a new patient organisation, aims to secure space in two of the most popular consumer magazines for an editorial and questionnaire gauging the level of interest and knowledge of osteoporosis. The Association for the Prevention of Osteoporosis in Romania will buy a portable ultrasound bone densitometer to be taken to locations in Romania were no densitometers are available. The Spanish Foundation of Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases will use the grant for its Mother's Day Campaign 2000 in which information stands will be provided at leading department stores in 5 Spanish cities.

IOF Education Award 1998

The first IOF Educational Grant, a total amount of Euro 45,000, was awarded during the European Congress in Berlin in September 1998. The grant was shared between two member societies:

Hungarian Osteoporosis Patient Association for an educational project for volunteers involved in the management of osteoporosis self-help groups.

Lega Italiana Osteoporosi for an awareness campaign to inform pregnant women about the importance of calcium intake during pregnancy.

IOF Education Award Winners 1998

IOF Education Award Winners

Dr. Istvan Marton (Hungary),
Dr. Maria Luisa Bianchi (Italy),
Dr. Ada Bossanyl (Hungary).

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