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Winners of the 2005 IOF-Novartis Osteoporosis Education Grants

The first IOF Novartis Education Grants were presented at the IOF World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in Bangkok,Thailand on September 27th, 2005.

Below are brief descriptions of the winning projects and photos of the award presentations.

Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center (EMRC), Iran

Project: Steps forward ‘Constructing Stronger Bones’

To target osteoporosis prevention in Irans’ large young population, sport and physical activity in schools will be promoted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical education as well as the Department of Sport. The EMRC will start by writing special curriculum in collaboration with osteoporosis experts and sport coaches. Intructional and motivational workshops will be held for sport teachers. This will include guiding teachers as to how to incorporate bone health materials for physical education and to involve students in every day weight bearing exercises. In addition, students will be encouraged to research and collect information about osteoporosis, peak bone mass, and physical activity and then to present their results in posters and papers. Outstanding work will be awarded by the EMRC. An educational program outside of school for some 1000 students will be organized on osteoporosis day. This will be well publicized and its impact will be extended across the country.

From left Stefan Korte, Novartis; Prof. Eghbal Taheri, EMRC; Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Board Member

Fundacion de Osteoporosis y Enfermedades Metabolicas Osteos (FOSEMO)

Project: My Bank of Bones

This is a play and learning program designed for pre-school children 5-6 years of age, at 12 day care centres in low income communities. It will help children to recognize foods which are healthy. They will also do exercise and relate this to the importance of bone and muscle strength. The children will be empowered to learn how bones are built by filling their ‘Bank of Bones’, a plastic jar, with picture cards of the food they eat and the exercise they do. The will take home recipes for their parents which provide good nutrition even on a low budget. Teachers will be given a 3-day seminar and provided with fun educational material, including work books, puppets, food charts, cut out materials, etc.

Justine Pasek and Dr. Joan Levin accept the award for FOSEMO

Indonesian Osteoporosis Society (PEROSI), Indonesia

Project: Program campaign for schools and teachers

The project will seek to integrate bone health information and increased physical activity into the formal education system, particularly for young people at the ages of peak bone development (approximately 6-20 years of age). The goal is to gain additional time for gymnastics or sport and to ensure that the sport is beneficial for bone health. Additional courses in biology about the maintenance of bone health will be promoted either as part of the formal school curriculum or as small monthly seminars. For the teachers, training in gymnastic or sport medicine and seminars on the importance of maintaining bone and muscle health, role of calcium and vitamin D etc. will be offered. The project will be carried out with the cooperation of the Departments of Health and Education.

From left Stefan Korte, Novartis; Prof. Ichramsyah Rachman (PEROSI); Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Board Member

Jordanian Osteoporosis Prevention Society (JOPS), Jordan

Project: Be good to your bones

JOPS will produce a DVD for public and professional use covering safe and beneficial exercises. These exercises will target children, teenagers, and specific exercises for adults. Other types of exercises will cover target patients with osteoporosis but without fractures and patients with previous fractures. The DVD will be produced in several languages including Arabic, English, French, Spanish and German.

From left: Ereeni Awwad, JOPS; Stefan Korte, Novartis; Layla Audi, JOPS; Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Board Member

Taiwanese Osteoporosis Association, Chinese Taipei

Project: Osteoporosis Educational Materials for the Public

The campaign will consist of two main parts. The first includes educational materials such as booklets for health care professionals and the public as well as a DVD to teach the public about osteoporosis through interactive games. Secondly an essay competition will be held once a year. This will allow people to express their knowledge of osteoporosis and write about stories around them that are related to osteoporosis.

Prof. Ko-En Huang, Taiwanese Osteoporosis Association

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