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Key Findings

Audit Report, December 2001
Osteoporosis in the European Community: A Call to Action

  • Little progress has been made on the majority of the eight recommendations published in the 1998 Report on Osteoporosis in the European Community (EC).

  • The number of osteoporotic hip fractures in the EC has risen to more than 480,000 annually, an increase of more than 25% over four years.

    Increase of hip fractures

  • Osteoporosis now costs more than Euro 4.8 billion annually in hospital healthcare alone (excluding rehabilitation and nursing home costs) - a 33% increase over three years.

    Increase of costs

  • A co-ordinated, dynamic data collection system to monitor osteoporotic fractures across Europe is urgently needed to document the size of the problem and to monitor changes.

  • The development of best practices to produce practical, cost effective strategies with measurable targets for reducing osteoporotic fractures must be implemented.

  • Access and payment of bone density scans must be improved for people with osteoporosis risk factors, especially before the first fracture.

  • Payment of proven therapies for people with osteoporosis risk factors must be improved especially before the first fracture.

  • Improved accessibility to diagnosis and proven therapies alone are not enough. Better education of policy makers, healthcare professionals and the general public is necessary to reduce osteoporotic fractures.

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