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IOF-Alliance Osteoporosis Media Awards

Winning articles 2003

General category:
Ivannia Varela Quirós, Costa Rica
"Fragile like Crystal", La Nación Sunday Magazine
(PDF 682 KB, English translation, PDF 129KB)

Medical Category:
Matt Thompson, UK
"Tackling the Hidden Disease", Middle East Health, Dubai, UAE
(PDF, 588 KB)

Winning articles 2001

Winners announced in Rome on October 19th, 2001

See press release

General category:

"Silenciosa y mortal"
by Alma America Torres
which appeared in Good Housekeeping Latin America (PDF, 2.67 MB)

Medical category:

Osteoporosis (PDF, 6MB)
by Ann Graul and Lisa Sorbera
which appeared in Drug R&D Backgrounders published by Prous Science

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The IOF-Alliance Osteoporosis Media Award

The IOF-Alliance Osteoporosis Media Award was a program held between 2001 and 2004. The award was launched in order to encourage journalists to communicate the importance of prevention, early detection, and rapid treatment of osteoporosis. "Osteoporosis is one of the world's most common diseases in post-menopausal women, yet data show that it is severely under-recognized, under-diagnosed and under-treated," noted IOF Chief Executive Office Daniel Navid at the time of the launch. "This award will help to educate the public and health care professionals about osteoporosis, and will honor the journalists who help communicate the importance of investing in better bone health." The award winners (writing in two categories – medical and general public) - were invited to the IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis and each won a cash prize of $3,000. The second and third places in each category won cash prizes of $1,000 and $500 each, respectively.

Winners of 2002-2003 media award

The 2002-2003 Award winners were Ivannia Varela Quiros from Costa Rica (General Category) and Matt Thomspon (Medical Category) from the UK.

See left column for copies of winning articles. The winners were presented with their certificates at the IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis in Rio, May 14-18, 2004.

Award winners Varela Quiros, Costa Rica (left) and Matt Thompson, UK
From left: IOF CEO Daniel Navid, Matt Thompson, and James Kerrigan (Global Product Manager, Aventis Pharma)


General category
1st place:
Ivannia Varela Quirós, Costa Rica
"Fragile like Crystal", La Nación Sunday Magazine

2nd place:
Tsanka Misheva Ralchevska, Bulgaria
"This cannot be happening to me", "Osteoporosis" newsletter.

3rd place:
Neva Zeleznik, Slovenia
"What about your bones?", 7DNI (7 Days), weekly women's magazine

Medical category
1st place:
Matt Thompson, UK
"Tackling the Hidden Disease", Middle East Health, Dubai, UAE

2nd place:
Susan M. Rapp, USA
"Education and research are needed to improve osteoporosis care", Orthopaedics Today, monthly newspaper

3rd place:
Walter Alexander, USA
"Women leaders urge early access to osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment", Orthopaedics Today, monthly newspaper

The entries from the following journalists received an IOF-Alliance Osteoporosis Media Award Certificate of Recognition for their excellent entries:

General Category:
Aida Panikyan, Fakel – Karvarna, Spectur Silistra, Bulgaria
Marieta Ivanova, Ak-Buki, Osteoporosis, Bulgaria
Peter Krivel, Toronto Star, Canada
Cenfrine Barruyer, Tribune Santé, France
Adi Cats, Nshiim, Israel
Daniele Diena, La Repubblica-Salute, Italy
Milka Krapez, Slovenia Osteoporosis Society website, Slovenia
Nilgun Birgiv, Lezzet Dergisi, Turkey
Louie Alonso Belmonte and Jane Mogol, Prevention, Philippines
Malena Marchain, El Nuevo Herald, USA

Medical Category:
Marina Tejerina Oriega, Diario Medico, Spain

Winners of the 2001 award

Journalists from Mexico and Spain won the first IOF-Alliance Media Awards, to be presented on October 19, in Rome, Italy. Alma America Torres won the General Press category for her article "Silent and deadly" in Good Housekeeping Latin America. Ann Graul and Lisa Sorbera from Spain won first place in the Medical category for their article "Osteoporosis" which was published in Drug R&D Backgrounders.

First prizes included a $5,000 cash award, all-expense paid trips to the World Osteoporosis Day 2001 press conference where the 2001 award ceremony will be held, and to the May 10-14, 2002 IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Many excellent entries were received from all over the world. Further information about the award and a list of entries which won honourable mention are included in the press release of October 19, 2001.

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