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Programmes, Projects and Partnerships

Professional Skills Workshops at Worldwide Conferences

Subjects included:

  • Special Issues for Large Societies
  • Getting the Basics Right
  • Fundraising
  • Wake-Up Communications
  • Campaigning and Lobbying
  • Patient Services
  • Partnerships
  • Special workshop for board presidents and chairpeople (first time in Chicago 2000)

World leaders in their fields ran the workshops and evaluations by participants were exceptionally positive. Some excerpts:

"Best part of the Congress!" (Finland)

"Excellent for getting started." (India)

"Yes, yes, yes – workshops at the national or regional level." (Croatia)

"Workshops are very useful and should be repeated!" (Australia)

"Holding the workshops is a great idea." (Taiwan)

"Very knowledgeable presenter. Very dynamic. Good messages." (UK)

Virtually all the participants requested additional support of this type and there is clearly a need and an appreciation of professional skills training.

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IOF Strategic Support to Member Societies

Mobilizing the Osteoporosis Movement

"How can we change from a small, all-volunteer organization to an effective, professional group?" This is just one of the many challenges facing IOF member national societies.

Yet, much of the strength of the global osteoporosis movement resides with the people in the national societies These committed individuals fight on the frontlines to generate public awareness, change legislation and business patterns, and mobilize support. However, global initiatives must be implemented locally, and national situations differ considerably. Many of the most important challenges to fighting osteoporosis take place at the national level.

"The IOF Mobilizing the Osteoporosis Movement program was created to help IOF national member societies become more effective," notes IOF CEO Dan Navid, IOF executive director. "The strength of the worldwide osteoporosis movement depends on the ability of all our members to convince officials that policies have to change, to mobilize public support for osteoporosis-related initiatives, and to find the funding for important programs."

Therefore, one of the most important contributions that IOF can make to the osteoporosis effort, and one of the most important services it can offer to its member national societies is to help the national groups improve their professional capacity.


Mobilizing the Osteoporosis Movement-Strategic Support assists IOF member national societies to be as effective as possible. It comprises these elements:

  • Professional skills workshops at World Wide Conferences
  • Wake Up Communications Workshops
  • Targeted Support
  • Twinning
  • On-going advice and support, specific consultations

Professional skills workshops at World Wide Conferences

IOF took a major step in improving professional capacity of member societies when it staged a fundraising workshop at the 3rd World Wide Conference in Oslo in 1997. This pioneering event was followed by a more ambitious series of six different themed workshops, held three times each, during the 4th World Wide Conference in Berlin in September 1998. Virtually all of the 170 delegates attended at least one of the 18 workshops. Similar workshops were held at the 5th World Wide Conference in Toronto and are scheduled for the 6th World Wide Conference in Chicago.

Wake-Up Communications Workshop

Wake-Up Communications workshops are run by Paul Sochaczewski. Sometimes, they are run specifically for IOF member national societies (Mexico, Lebanon, Australia) and sometimes, they are run for other audiences but IOF member national societies are invited (January 2000 in Basel, Switzerland – attended by Germany, February 2000 in Divonne, France – attended by Belgium).

IOF is prepared to offer these workshops to member national societies on a case-by-case basis. Members, please contact Paul Sochaczewski

Targeted Support

This has been a cornerstone of the Mobilizing the Osteoporosis Movement – Strategic Support programme.

The Targeted Support program involves providing each of the selected national societies with a professional coach/facilitator who will work intensively with the relevant national society to create a work plan that meets that society's needs.

How it works

Reports describing targeted support visits in 2004: Iran (PDF, 107 KB)

On-going advice and support, specific consultations

IOF provides on-going advice and support to IOF member national societies in the form of specific one-on-one consultations concerning communications plans, particularly as they relate to World Osteoporosis Day (WOD).

Members: for specific information and application forms for the Strategic Support Programmes described above see IOF members only.

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