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Targeted Support

How it works

Each coach works with the patient society to determine the areas where support would be most valuable.

The coaches include professional consultants and senior staff of International Osteoporosis Foundation member societies.

The coaches are the same professional facilitators who ran the successful workshops in Berlin. They have begun to develop a professional bond with people in the national societies based on mutual understanding. Since the coaches are also multilingual, IOF will be able to provide this programme to a variety of national societies covering a range of geographical, size and language criteria.

In order to be eligible for this program, a national society must:

  • Have requested assistance of this type
  • Be willing to devote the time, energy and resources that will be required to make the effort a success – targeted support is not a gift that is being bestowed on the patient society. It involves a display first of commitment to the work process and, second, the need to be open to the positive change that this in-depth support will bring so that the overall effort will be successful.

The length of the relationship between facilitator and patient society will vary – depending on the scope of the task to be accomplished as well as the abilities of the society. Most important however, is the fact that the facilitators will customize their help to that particular society and will be available to them as would a normal consultant – i.e. over an extended period of time to answer specific questions and to help in addressing and solving specific problems. For most societies, this will provide access to an expertise they could probably not afford.


Success will be determined by an appraisal by the national society concerned, and by a report from the coach. Criteria for success will depend on whether professional skills have improved and an analysis of specific activities that have been inaugurated.

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