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"Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision"
by Oliviero Toscani

The exhibition

"Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision", is a dramatic three-part exhibition which 'uncovers' osteoporosis, drawing attention to the human face of the disease. The exhibit opens by exposing the burden of osteoporosis with ten facts and moves to monumental three metre tall photographs. The photographs, taken by world famous photographer Oliviero Toscani, portray 23 osteoporosis patients without clothes, both men and women of all ages, from 15 countries. The exhibition presents a realistic and informative vision of osteoporosis and ends with a "Video of Hope".

Oliviero Toscani cuts the ribbon for the opening ceremony at the world premiere in Rome, 2001.

Since the world premiere of the exhibition in Rome on October 2001, many showings have taken place thoughout Europe, touching the hearts of the thousands of viewers who have visited the exhibition and resulting in widespread media exposure for osteoporosis wherever the exhibit has appeared.

Opening of the exhibit in Norway, March 2004.

Past Venues

Poster announcing the Berlin showing of ‘Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision’

Berlin, Germany
May 19-June 12, 2005
See report

Copenhagen, Denmark
Kunstakademiets Arkitekskole, Meldahls Smedie
April 4-10, 2005
See report (PDF, 70 KB)

Helsinki, Finland
March 8-18, 2005
Alaston Totuus
See report

Stockholm, Sweden
City Conference Centre
February 21 to 27, 2005
See report

Oslo, Norway
Old Posthuset I Kvadraturen
March 2004
Read report

Brussels, Belgium
European Parliament
November 2003
See press release and photo gallery

Barcelona, Spain
Fira de Barcelona, Pabellon Z-6
October 2003

Madrid, Spain
Palacio de Congresos
October 2003

Sevilla, Spain
Museo de Carruajes, Real Club de Enganches de Andalucia
September 2003

Lisbon, Portugal
Porto de Lisboa, Gare Maritima Rocha Conde Obidos
May 2002

Rome, Italy (World Premiere)
Museo Pigorini
October 2001
Read report

In the News

Queen Rania, Jordan – IOF Patron
"The Toscani exhibition dramatically illustrates how osteoporosis is not just about numbers or medical statistics but is about people", explained IOF Patron Queen Rania of Jordan when the exhibition was shown in Lisbon in May 2002. "This exhibition not only shows that people's lives can be devastated by osteoporosis, but it also leaves viewers with a message of hope. It is dramatic and honest, and we have no doubt that it will help spread the word on the seriousness of osteoporosis."

Oliviero Toscani – Photographer
Oliviero Toscani explains that he was intrigued by the concept of photographing people in black and white, "without the camouflage of clothing or props", so that viewers could better understand the true nature of the disease. "I believe knowledge is the basis of education," Toscani notes. "The people in this exhibition have shown a large amount of generosity by revealing their physical situation in this way. Through the visual effects of the exhibition they will help other people to find out if they are also exposed to the risk."

Barbara von Stackelberg – Deutsches Grünes Kreuz, Initiator of project
"Is it possible to uncover osteoporosis, so that it is easy to see...with photographs in the nude it would be possible. But what if they were judged scandalous? Who cares! The discussion would reveal the true scandal: Osteoporosis is diagnosed much too rarely and much too late. Patients are denied effective treatment and every further fracture leads deeper into disaster... I am confident that Oliviero Toscani's photographs – truly presented in public – and the courage of the participating osteoporosis sufferers will finally help to focus on what should be the centre: The well-being of all patients."

Ulla Schmidt – German health minister
"Thanks to the exhibition...a whole new and interesting path is followed to draw the people's attention to this illness. Oliviero Toscani's impressive photographs show how people are affected by osteoporosis. His purpose is to inform and motivate the viewer to take preventive measures against this severe disease."

Pierre D. Delmas – President IOF
Explaining the rationale behind the exhibition, Prof. Delmas, noted, "Some people might find these photos shocking. Some people might ask why Toscani couldn't have photographed people wearing clothes, in everyday situations. We hope to show that there is much more to osteroporosis than statistics; we have to show the human reality of the disease. There is no "typical" patient; each person is an individual who suffers needlessly".

Daniel Navid – Chief Executive Officer, IOF
"The exhibition is important as many people suffer unnecessarily because they do not realize that they are at risk of osteoporosis. The reality is that osteoporosis can, to a certain extent, be prevented; it can be easily diagnosed,and effectively treated. The number of people with osteoporosis is increasing quickly; we need to act immediately."

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