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World Osteoporosis Day Video 2000

Movie reel

The World Osteoporosis Day 2000, "Invest in your bones" video is a special compilation of short 1-4 minute video clips which is now available to the media.

The video is available in VHS for non-broadcasting use in the home, office, at conferences etc. or as Betacam SP for broadcasting use by TV stations.

IOF owns full copyright to broadcast and use these materials (*one exception), so the media may use them freely – selecting the video sections of interest, translating them etc. as required.

The contents of the video include:

  1. Queen Rania of Jordan (IOF's international Patron) World Osteoporosis Day message (2.15 min.)
  2. Professor Pierre D. Delmas, IOF President, message (2.16 min.)
  3. "Bone of My Own" WOD song and music video (4.43 min.)
  4. Interview with Dr. Jorge Jimenez de la Jara from Chile, Chairman of the Executive Board, WHO (World Health Organization) (3.32 min.)
  5. Interview with Dr. Yin Dakui, Vice-Minister of Health, China (3.02 min.)
  6. Interview with Dr. Karam Karam, Lebanon's Minister of Health (2.34 min.)
  7. Interview with Marie-Lynn Majdalany, osteoporosis patient, from Lebanon (1.55 min.)
  8. Interview with Bai Yuru, osteoporosis patient, and her daughter Fan Baoling, China (3.12 min.)
  9. Interview with Maria Teresa Guillen, osteoporosis patient, and her daughter Maria Teresa Lange, osteopenia patient, Chile (2.50 min.)
  10. Animation showing what happens to bone when it becomes osteoporotic as a result of menopause (0.07 min.)
  11. Dr. Jorge Jimenez de la Jara, Spanish version (2.51 min.)
  12. Professor Pierre D. Delmas, French version (2.30 min.)
  13. Public service TV spot from the UK* (1.02 min.)
  14. Public service TV spot from Jordan (0.48 min.)

Copies of the 2000 video can be ordered if required. Journalists must first register (see journalist registration) and then submit a special request explaining the intended use, to the IOF secretariat at

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