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These events were possible thanks to the unrestricted educational grants and support of the following sponsors:

Alpura and Nestle

Aventis, Consejo de Turismo de Mexico, Lemery, Lilly, OsteoSol and Sheraton

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Mexican Government Supports COMOP in a Major Osteoporosis Event

WOD Posters
Posters announcing the WOD event were placed at bus stops throughout the city.

Numerous Mexican officials supported World Osteoporosis Day activities at a joint launch organized by IOF and the Comité Mexicano Para la Prevencion de la Osteoporosis, A.C. (COMOP) on November 5-6, 2001.

The highlight of the two days of workshops, meetings and press conference was the world release in English and Spanish of "Invest in Your Bones", a report prepared by Professor Jean-Philippe Bonjour that for the first time describes the impact of diet, life style and genetics on young peoples' bones.

The events were held with the official patronage of the Mexican government, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the National University and the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

Angélica María and Mrs. Hortencia Barrio

(From left) Angélica María and Mrs. Hortencia Barrio who spoke on behalf of Mrs. Fox, Mexico's First Lady. Mrs. Barrio is married to Mexico's Control Minister and part of Mrs. Fox's Volunteer Group.

Dr. Rubén Durán

Government support for the fight against osteoporosis. Dr. Rubén Durán, Health Promotion Director from the Ministry of Health describing the Ministry's programmes.

Forty scientific and general public media representatives (press, internet, radio & TV) from Mexico and other Latin American countries were specially invited to the osteoporosis workshop. Speakers included Prof. J-P. Bonjour, author of the "Invest in Your Bones" report; Juan Tamayo, president of COMOP; Daniel Navid, IOF chief executive officer; Paul Sochazewski, IOF communications adviser; Rubén Durán, health promotion director, Mexico's Health Ministry; Gregorio Riera, President of UNILIME, Venezuela, and Frida Araujo, Medical Director of COMOP.

Dr. Juan Tamayo, President of COMOP Dr. Juan Tamayo, President of COMOP, addresses the audience.

Representatives from the Health Ministry, the Pan American Health Organization, the Mexican press and Mexican actress and singer Angelica Maria, who is COMOP's goodwill ambassador, also spoke at the workshop. Several osteoporosis patients addressed the journalists to give them a personal view of the burden of osteoporosis on daily life. Journalists learned about global aspects of osteoporosis, the importance of media in education, and the Mexican government's public health program.

COMOP volunteers
COMOP volunteers: from the left: Andrea Gosset,, Elizama Mena, Leonor de Villafranca, Frida Araujo, Elizabeth Márquez, Teresa Rodríuez, Sergio Barrientos.

Following the workshop some 130 journalists from all over Latin American as well as international correspondents from press, radio & TV attended a press conference at which the IOF launched the Invest in Your Bones Report and announced the winners of the 1st IOF-Alliance International Media Awards. The press conference was inaugurated by Mrs. Hortencia Barrio, representing Mexico's First Lady, Mrs. Marta Sahagun de Fox. At the press conference, COMOP and Dr. Jorge Morales, President of AMMOM, described their activities and the Ministry of Health Promotion described its communities education program. T

Winner of IOF-Alliance International Media Awards Daniel Navid, CEO of IOF, Alma América Torres, winner of the international media award, Gregorio Riera, president of UNILIME, and Angélica María, COMOP goodwill ambassador.

The following day Paul Sochaczewski led a "Wake Up Communications Workshop" for some 40 participants.

Communications workshop Wake up communications workshop given by IOF Communications Advisor, Paul Sochaczewski.

100,000 copies of the Spanish edition of the "Invest in Your Bones" report were printed and will be distributed through the Health and Eduction Ministries to schools and hospitals across Mexico and to IOF's National Societies in Latin America.

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