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World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) provides an all-important focal point for informing and educating the general public and policy makers about the prevention of a disease which still suffers from poor general awareness. With the number of participating countries and scheduled events increasing steadily year by year, the impact of WOD has grown significantly.

World Osteoporosis Day
October 20, 2005

‘Move it or Lose it’: The role of exercise in bone health

This year’s World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) theme is exercise and its role in building peak bone mass and in maintaining bone health, as well as its benefits in rehabilitation and preventing falls.

It is the first of a three year ‘lifestyle’ campaign which will subsequently focus on nutrition (2006) and reducing personal risk factors for osteoporosis (2007). IOF CEO Daniel Navid stated, “We hope that our positive message encourages women and men to realize that they can take responsibility for their bone health and not be victims of osteoporosis later in life.”

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Facts about exercise and bone health

Activities that where launched by IOF on October 20 include:

Invest in Your Bones report
‘Move it or Lose it’ – A new IOF report, written by Professor Helmut Minne, chairman of International Osteoporosis Foundation’s Committee of National Societies, was issued worldwide on October 20, 2005 as part of activities launching WOD 2005.
The report shows how exercise helps to build and maintain strong bones, prevent falls and fractures, and speed rehabilitation.

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Website article:
Exercise for bone health-recommendations

A series of three specially-designed posters.

Translations: Espagnol (PDF, 686 KB)

Un Cuerpo Sano/A Healthy Body
Recognizing that dancing is a fun and effective way to build bones, IOF has commissioned the world’s first Latin-beat osteoporosis song, Un Cuerpo Sano/A Healthy Body. The song, in Spanish and English, was written and performed by Erika Ender, a leading Latin pop singer. An accompanying music video featuring Erika Ender has been produced by leading Miami-based film director Felipe Nino.

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Erika Ender, leading Latin pop singer, recording ‘Un Cuerpo Sano’

Public Service Announcements
A series of 30 second public service announcements featuring:

  • Paolo Rossi (Italy) Football star
  • Erika Ender (Panama/Brazil) Pop singer
  • Pilin Leon (Venezuela) former Miss World
  • Belinda Green (Australia) former Miss World
  • Kirk Pengilly (Australia) from band INXS
  • Mark Holden (Australia) singer, songwriter
  • Trudie Goodwin (UK) actress, “The Bill”
  • Julie Payette (Canada) astronaut
  • Wojtek Czyz (Germany) Para-Olympian
  • Prof. Rita Süssmuth (Germany) Former President of the Deutscher Bundestag

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Beauties and the Bones press conference
As part of WOD 2005, seven beauty queens from four continents have appealed to girls and young women to realize that modern ideas of "beauty" can damage their bones and lead to osteoporosis later in life. The women, from Australia, Austria, Panama, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela, spoke in Bangkok at "IOF Beauties and the Bones". The women emphasized the essential role of exercise in building strong bones and urged young people to "move it or lose it".

Beauties and the Bones

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Past World Osteoporosis Day themes included: osteoporosis in men, quality of life, prevent the first fracture, early detection.

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