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European Parliament Osteoporosis Interest Group Newsletter

Issue 1. July 2002
(PDF, 264 KB)

Issue 2. July 2003
(PDF, 364 KB)

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Call to Action
European Parliament Osteoporosis Interest Group

The European Parliament Osteoporosis Interest Group (see members) calls for the following specific actions to be taken. In order to prevent the unnecessary suffering and costs caused by osteoporotic fractures national health authorities and health insurance agencies must:

  • Improve the availability of bone densitometry resources and pay for bone density scans for people at risk of osteoporosis prior to the first fracture.

  • Pay for proven therapies for people at risk of osteoporosis prior to the first fracture

  • Financially support and participate in educational awareness campaigns in partnership with the IOF, IOF member societies and other concerned groups and professionals.

To help member states to develop best practices and to evaluate the results of their actions the European Commission must work in partnership with the IOF to:

  • Bring national and European policy makers together with osteoporosis experts and concerned groups to produce practical, cost effective strategies to prevent osteoporotic fractures. These strategies must include measurable, realistic, time-based targets for reducing osteoporotic fractures.

  • Create a co-ordinated data collection system to monitor osteoporotic fractures

Download the invitation leaflet to MEPs (PDF, 101 KB)

Meeting of the EP Osteoporosis Interest Group on June 1, 2005 in the European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament Osteoporosis Interest Group

(as of April 2005)

Co-Chairs: Angelika Niebler MEP, Germany and Mary Honeyball MEP, UK

Vice-Chairs: Dorette Corbey, MEP the Netherlands, Péter Olajos, MEP Hungary

Adamos Adamou MEP, Cyprus
Georgs Andrejevs MEP, Latvia
Pilar Ayuso Gonzalez, MEP Spain
Edit Bauer MEP, Slovenia
John Bowis, MEP UK
Frederika Brepoels, MEP Belgium
Milan Cabrnoch, MEP Czech Republic
David Casa MEP, Malta
Charlotte Cederschiöld, MEP Sweden
Dorette Corbey MEP, The Netherlands
Proinsias De Rossa, MEP Ireland
Den Dover, MEP UK
Genowefa Grabbowska, MEP Poland
Françoise Grossetête, MEP France
Mary Honeyball, MEP UK
Richard Howitt, MEP UK
Caroline Jackson, MEP UK
Karin Jöns, MEP Germany
Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou MEP, Greece
Lasse Lehtinen MEP, Finland
Astrid Lulling, MEP Luxembourg
Elizabeth Lynne, MEP UK
Mario Mantovani MEP, Italy
Arlene McCarthy, MEP UK
Mariann Mikko, MEP Estonia
Mojca Drcar Murko MEP, Slovenia
Angelika Niebler, MEP Germany
Péter Olajos, MEP Hungary
Siiri Oviir, MEP Estonia
Borut Pahor MEP, Slovenia
Frédérique Ries, MEP Belgium
Toomas Savi, MEP Estonia
Karin Scheele, MEP Austria
Gitte Seeberg MEP, Denmark
Catherine Stihler, MEP UK
Diana Wallis, MEP UK
Anna Záborská MEP, Slovakia

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