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European Union Osteoporosis Consultation Panel Members

In September 2002 the European Commission took the step to finance an 18-month initiative that saw the formation of the EU Osteoporosis Consultation Panel, mandated to work with stakeholders at both national and EU levels to implement practical, cost-effective solutions to prevent fragility fractures. At the EU level the panel has met to share their national findings and ideas. Click here for further information

List of European Union Osteoporosis Consultation Panel Members
(as of February 2004)

National Members


Prof. Gerold Holzer,
Orthopaedic Surgeon, University of Vienna Medical School;
Austrian Menopause Society

Dr. Hubert Hrabcik,
Director General of Public Health,
Federal Ministry of Health and Women


Prof. Jean-Yves Reginster, WHO
Collaborating Center, Liege

Dr. René Snacken,
Senior Advisor to the Minister of Health, Brussels

Dr. Stefan Goemaere
osteoporosis expert, Belgium Bone Club


Dr. Bente Lomholt Langdahl,
Endocrinology and Metabolism,
Aarhus University Hospital


George L. Georgiades M.D.,
Spec. Endocrinologist and Vice President of the Cyprus Association for Musculoskeletal Diseases

Dr. Christodoulos Kaisis
Ministry of Health

Czech Republic

Dr Jitka Vokrouhlicka,
Czech Osteoporosis League board member


Ivo Valter, MD,
Centre for Clinical and Basic Research and representative of the Estonian Osteoporosis Society


Prof. Christel Lamberg-Allardt,
Department of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology,
University of Helsinki

Dr. Olli Simonen,
Government Ministerial Advisor


Prof. Liana Euller-Ziegler,
Department of Rheumatology,University Hospital of Nice;
Bone & Joint Decade French Network Co-ordinator

Dr. Benoit Lavallart,
Directorate-General of Health,
Bureau of Chronic Diseases of Childhood and Ageing


Prof. Helmut Minne,
Klinik der Fürstenhof Center of Endocrinology;
German Academy of the Osteological & Rheumatological Sciences

Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth,
Former President of the Bundestag,
Head of the Parliamentary Assembly Delegation of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe


Dr. Costas Phenekos,
Designated representative of the Ministry of Health and Welfare;
Director, Red Cross Hospital, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Prof. George Lyritis,
Orthopaedic Surgeon;
Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation


Mr. Ivor Callely,
Minister for Services for Older People,
Department of Health & Children, Dublin

Prof. Moira O'Brien,
Trinity College, Dublin;
Irish Osteoporosis Society


Hon. Rossana Boldi,
Member of the Senate Commission for Health;
Co-ordinator of the National Survey on Osteoporosis

Prof. Sergio Ortolani,
Metabolic Bone Diseases Unit, Istituto Auxologico Italiano IRCCS

Hon. Antonio Tommasini,
Chair of the Senate Commission for Health


Ingrida Circene, Dr,
Member of the Parliament in Latvia

Inese Ergle,
President of Latvia Osteoporosis Patient and Invalid Association


Vidmantas Alekna,
President, Lithuanian Osteoporosis Foundation


Dr. Marco Hirsch,
Rheumatologist, Luxembourg Association for the Study of Bone Metabolism and Osteoporosis (ALEMO)

Dr. Simone Steil,
Chief Medical Officer, Division of Preventable Diseases,
Ministry of Health


Professor M P Brincat, PhD(Lond) FRCOG,FRCPI
Director, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The Netherlands

Ms. Elisabeth de Boer-Oosterhuis,
Chief Executive, Osteoporosis Society

Prof. Huibert A. P. Pols,
Internist, Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam

Dr. Pepita Groeneveld
Ministry of Public Health


Roman Lorenc,
Professor of Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine, President of the Multidisciplinary Osteoporotic Forum


Dr. Alexandre Diniz,
Health Ministry Consultant

Dr. Viviana Tavares,
Rheumatologist, Consultant for the Working Group for the National Plan Against Rheumatic Diseases,
General Directorate of Health


Dr Eugen Nagy and Prof. Juraj Payer,
Slovak Osteoprosis Society


Duıa Zore MD,
President of the Slovene Osteoporosis Patient Society

Prof. Andreja Kocijancic,
endocrinologist, University Medical Center Ljubljana


Prof. Jorge B.Cannata Andia,
Service of Bone and Mineral Metabolism,
Istitute Reina Sofia of Investigation, Oviedo

Dr. Sagrario Mateu Sanchis,
Chief Mother and Child Health,
Ministry of Health


Ms. Lena Ohrsvik,
Former Member of Parliament

United Kingdom

Ms. Angela Jordan,
National Osteoporosis Society

Mr. John Austin
Member of Parliament

Mr. Tony McWalter Esq,
Member of Parliament

Mr. Fergus Ewing,
Member of the Scottish Parliament

Ms Anne Simpson
Development Manager for Scotland

Ms Jeanette Owen
National Osteoporosis Society

European Union

Mary Honeyball
Member of the European Parliament, UK

Ms. Angelika Niebler,
Member of the European Parliament, Germany

Dr. Hermann Stamm,
European Commission Joint Research Centre;
Head of Unit 'Biomedical Materials and Systems', Institute for Health and Consumer Protection Europe

Dr. Aushra Shatchkute,
World Health Organization,
Regional Office for Europe

Ms. Peggy Maguire,
Project Partner, European Institute of Women's Health


Prof. Kristina Akesson,
Project Partner, Bone & Joint Decade 2000-2010

Prof. David Marsh,
Project Partner, International Society for Fracture Repair

Dr. Daniel Navid,
CEO International Osteoporosis Foundation

Project Leader
Prof. Juliet Compston,
Metabolic Bone Disease,
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine;
Board Member International Osteoporosis Foundation

Project Co-ordinator
Ms. Mary Anderson,
Board Member International Osteoporosis Foundation

Project Senior Advisor
Prof. Socrates Papapoulos,
Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, University of Leiden;
Board Member International Osteoporosis Foundation

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