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Policy Initiatives

A major goal of IOF is to lobby for policy changes worldwide concerning all aspects of osteoporosis to ensure that government health authorities give the highest possible priority to prevention, detection and treatment of the disease.

In this work, the Foundation collaborates with member national societies and other societies active in the field of osteoporosis to raise awareness among authorities and educate the general public. At international level, policy initiatives concerning osteoporosis are undertaken in cooperation with intergovernmental and non-governmental organization partners, including World Health Organization (WHO), the European Commission, the Bone and Joint Decade, Business and Professional Women International (BPWI), European Advisory Council on Women's Health (EAC) and many others.

To ensure awareness of the disease and encourage scientific advances in the treatment of osteoporosis, IOF organizes or participates in a number of events such as: Scientific IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis and other meetings on bone disease.

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