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Name of education programme
Advanced Teacher Training in Osteoporosis Prevention

Originating organisation
German Green Cross

Dr Dietmar Krause
Schuhmarkt 4
D-35037 Marburg

Tel:+49 6421 293124
Fax:+49 6421 22910

Description of the programme
The best way to prevent osteoporosis is to adopt a healthy lifestyle in childhood. A four-stage training course for teachers has been developed. Educational materials have been devised and tested. The materials centre around the role models Teo and Rose. Teo is a man who likes to cook and knows that healthy nutrition is important for strong bones. Rose is keen on gymnastics and thinks that sport is essential for developing strong bones. The next stage is for these materials to be evaluated and published, so that information can be more widely available. There are plans for some of the materials to be translated into English.

Is the programme still running?

Target audience
Girls aged 6-12
Boys aged 6-12

Has the programme been approved by your scientific advisory committee?

What worked well
The lectures and materials for teachers were successful and the activities for children in schools enthusiastically received.

What didn't work well
Although the teachers left the course enthusiastic about the subject, they require more support from school authorities – bone health is not covered in the curriculum. They were worried that they would have no extra hours to teach this subject. Therefore a lot of personal engagement by individual teachers will be necessary to get this subject incorporated into teaching programmes.

Type of information and material available
Other: cassette with performance (Teo and Rose), overheads, worksheets

Are you willing to provide material and advice to other IOF members?
Yes, if translated, the worksheets and overheads could be made available.

Languages in which the material is available

22,080 Euro (US$20,000)

Corporate sponsors
Not for the programme, but a dairy foods supplier sponsored activities in some schools such as a bone-friendly breakfast and the setting up bone healthy kiosks for pupils.

Other partners
Hessische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gesundheit (HAGE) – Working Group for Health
Hessischen Landesinstitut für Pädagogik (HeLP) – Pedagogical Institute

Did the programme use celebrities, role models or mentors?
Mentors: a nutritionist and a sports coach.

Is the programme suitable for other countries?
This programme can be used or easily adapted for other countries. The courses can be run as regional training courses or within individual schools. In Germany, kindergartens and other social facilities have also expressed interest in the programme.

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