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The Netherlands

Name of education programme
Osteoporosis Prevention: The Sooner the Better

Originating organisation
Dutch Osteoporosis Foundation

Elisabeth de Boer
Osteoporose Stichting & Vereniging
Postbox 185
3520 AD Breukelen

Tel:+31 346 26 48 80
Fax:+31 346 26 64 79

Description of the programme
The programme, aimed at 11 to 13 year-olds, has been trialled in a number of schools. A lesson is devoted to discussing the cause and prevention of osteoporosis. In each class a presentation is made by two children, using material from the Dutch Osteoporosis Foundation. The presentation explains what osteoporosis is, how painful it is to break your bones when you are young but especially when you are older, and the benefits of calcium-enriched food and taking enough exercise to help prevent osteoporosis. The importance of building strong bones during growth in childhood is emphasised.

Is the programme still running?
It is hoped to resume the programme once funding is available.

Target audience
Girls aged 11-13
Boys aged 11-13

Has the programme been approved by your scientific advisory committee?

What worked well
The programme worked very well – children, teachers and parents were very enthusiastic.

What didn't work well
Given the size of the organisation, with limited resources and people, it was difficult to reach many schools with the programme in a short space of time. With more freelance assistants it should be possible to visit more schools and improve the programme, by, for example, developing specially targeted information for children.

Type of information and material available
Existing materials were used – no special materials for children were developed. If the programme continues, however, specifically targeted information will be produced.

Are you willing to provide material and advice to other IOF members?
As soon as materials are available.

Languages in which the material is available

Not yet available

Corporate sponsors
Dairy companies are being approached to sponsor this project.

Other partners
None, but Ministry of Education approval is being sought.

Did the programme use celebrities, role models or mentors?

Is the programme suitable for other countries?

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