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Name of education programme
Stopp Nagging

Originating organisation
National Organisation for Nutrition and Health, TINE Norwegian Dairies, Norwegian Osteoporosis Society

Torhild Garen
0027 Oslo

Tel:+47 2 307 3901
Fax:+47 2 307 4872

Description of the programme
Stopp Nagging is designed for use in schools over a one-week period. It can be used in a number of areas of the curriculum, but home economics is the subject the Stopp Nagging has been trialled in. Children are divided into small groups of five or six and asked to suggest five actions that they think will have health benefits. The groups then come together and choose a total of five ideas from the class. Each child agrees to try out one idea over the next couple of days. Later in the week the class comes together to share their experiences, discuss the health benefits and other related activities. The programme aims to increase awareness of actions the individual can do to improve their health. Although this doesn't happen by performing the action just once, it does show that these actions are not difficult or time consuming. The type of actions suggested include eating two fruits a day and riding a bicycle to school.

The programme is also due to be trialled in teacher training colleges from autumn 2001, when 4000 pupils will take part. Following this, a final version of the teachers' guide and the students' journal will be produced.

Is the programme still running?
Yes, the programme is still being developed.

Target audience
Girls aged 14-15
Boys aged 14-15

Has the programme been approved by your scientific advisory committee?

What worked well
Positive feedback was received from students and teachers throughout the trial.

What didn't work well
Full evaluation will be available in 2002. Teachers do need to help the initial small groups to come up with suggestions for actions that may have health benefits.

Type of information and material available
Press releases
Other: students' journal and teachers' guide

Are you willing to provide material and advice to other IOF members?
Yes, as soon as the material has been produced.

Languages in which the material is available


Corporate sponsors
TINE Norwegian Dairies

Other partners
Teachers in secondary schools and colleges.

Did the programme use celebrities, role models or mentors?

Is the programme suitable for other countries?

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