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Books on osteoporosis by IOF's CSA and board members

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Advances in Osteoporosis
Basic and Clinical aspects Editor G.P. Lyritis
Hylonome Editions, Athens, 1998
160 Pages

The aging skeleton
Clifford J. Rosen, Julie Glowacki, John P. Bilezikian (eds.)
642 pages
Academic Press, 1999
ISBN 0120986558

Atlas of postmenopausal osteoporosis
René Rizzoli (ed.)
90 pages
Science Press, 2004
ISBN 2902050011

Bisphosphonates in bone disease : from the laboratory to the patient, 4th edition
Herbert Fleisch
212 pages
Academic Press, 2000
ISBN 0122603710 (casebound), 0122603702 (pbk.)

The Bone and Mineral Manual: A Practical Guide
Kleerekoper M, Siris ES, McClung M (Editors).
Academic Press 1999
ISBN 0-12-412650-2.

Bone densitometry and osteoporosis
H.K. Genant, G. Guglielmi, M. Jergas (eds.)
602 pages
Springer, 1998
ISBN 3540631496

Bone markers: biochemical and clinical perspectives
Richard Eastell, Matthias Baumann , Nicholas R. Hoyle (eds.)
252 pages
Martin Dunitz, 2001
ISBN 1841840238

Dynamics of Bone and Cartilage Metabolism.
Markus J Seibel, Simon P Robins and John P. Bilezikian, eds
Academic Press 1999
672 pages
ISBN 0-12-634840-5

Hormone replacement therapy and the menopause
Michael S. Marsh, Juliet E. Compston (eds.)
182 pages
Martin Dunitz, 2002
ISBN 1853176915

Musculoskeletal Interactions, Volume 2
Hylonome Editions, Athens 1999
ISBN 960-86410-0-4

Nutrition and bone development
Jean-Philippe Bonjour, Reginald C. Tsang (eds.)
288 pages
Lippincott-Raven, 1999
ISBN 0781717531

Nutrition and bone health
Michael F. Holick, Bess Dawson-Hughes (eds.)
Humana Press, 2004
ISBN 1588292487

Cover: Nutritional aspects of bone health

Nutritional aspects of bone health
Susan A. New, Jean-Philippe Bonjour (eds.)
755 pages
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2003
ISBN 0854045856

Cover: Nutritional aspects of osteoporosis

Nutritional aspects of osteoporosis
Peter Burckhardt, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Robert P. Heaney (eds.)
418 pages
Academic Press, 2001
ISBN 0121417034

Cover: Osteoarthritis: clinical and experimental aspects

Osteoarthritis: clinical and experimental aspects
J-Y Reginster, J-P Pelletier, J. Martel-Pelletier, Y. Henrotin (eds.)
525 pages
Springer, 1999
ISBN 3540651276

Cover: Osteoporosis – An Evidence-Based Guide to Prevention and Management

Osteoporosis – An Evidence-Based Guide to Prevention and Management
Edited by Steven R. Cummings, MD, Felicia Cosman, MD, and Sophie A. Jamal, MD
290 pages, 2002, softcover
American College of Physicians
USD 45.00
More info
ISBN 1-943126-95-9

Osteoporosis in Asia: Crossing the Frontiers
Editor-In-Chief: EMC Lau
Co-Editors: SC Ho, S Leung, J Woo
Publisher: World Scientific, 1997
ISBN 981-02-2370-2

Osteoporosis and bone biology : the state of the art
Juliet Compston, Stuart Ralston (eds.)
114 pages
International Medical Press, 2000
ISBN 1901769054

Osteoporosis: diagnosis and management
Pierre J. Meunier (ed.)
282 pages
Martin Dunitz, 1998
ISBN 1853174122

Osteoporotic fractures in the elderly : clinical management and prevention
J.D. Ringe, P.J. Meunier (eds.)
121 pages
Georg Thieme Verlag, 1996
ISBN 3131043113

Osteoporosis hot topics
Michael T. McDermott, Carol Zapalowski, Paul D. Miller (eds.)
Hanley & Belfus, 2004
ISBN 1560536284

Cover: Osteoporosis in clinical practice

Osteoporosis in clinical practice: a practical guide for diagnosis and treatment, 2nd edition
Piet Geusens, Philip Sambrook, Robert Lindsay (eds.)
Springer, 2004
ISBN 1852337575

Osteoporosis in dialogue: 100 questions, 100 answers
Johann D. Ringe
96 pages
Thieme, 2001
ISBN 3131058617 (GTV), 1588900746 (TNY)

Primer on corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis
Jonathan D. Adachi, George Ioannidis
54 pages
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2000
ISBN 0781724430

Principles of Bone Biology, 2nd edition
2 volumes
Edited by: John P. Bilezikian; Lawrence G. Raisz'; Gdeon A. Rodan
Academic Press, 2002
ISBN 0120986523 (set), 0120986531 (v. 1), 012098654X (v. 2)

SERMs : a novel option to maintain health in the postmenopause
Donato Agnusdei, Juliet Compston (eds.)
161 pages
Martin Dunitz, 2000
ISBN 1853178209

Shared care for osteoporosis
Edited by Smith R, Harrison J, Cooper C.
Isis Medical Media, Oxford, 1998
ISBN 1-899066 268


Osteoporosis in Practice
Edited by Stepan, J.
Triton Prague, 1997
ISBN 80-85875-50-0

Syndrome of Osteoporosis
Edited by Stepan, J.
Avicenum Prague, 1990
ISBN 80-201-0067-9


Reumatologie en klinische immunologie
Editors: H Bijlsma, P Geusens, C Kallenberg, P Tak, J Jacobs
Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 2004


Calcium plus Vitamin D: Schlüsselrolle in der Osteoporosebehandlung
Johann Diederich Ringe (ed.)
154 pages
Georg Thieme, 2003
ISBN 3131331518

Hormonsubstitution in Klimakterium und Postmenopause: Anregungen zur individualisierten Therapie
Martina Dören
136 pages
Georg Thieme Verlag, 1998
ISBN 3131073624

Metabolische Osteopathien : Handbuch für Klinik und Praxis
Markus J. Seibel, Hilmar Stracke (eds.)
368 pages
Schattauer, 1997
ISBN 3794516354

Osteoporose Dialog: 100 Fragen, 100 Antworten
Johann D. Ringe
95 pages
Georg Thieme, 2000
ISBN 3131055510

Osteoporose und Bewegung: ein integrativer Ansatz der Rehabilitation.
Werle Jochen, H.W. Minne
367 pages
Springer 1995
ISBN 3540578501

Prophylaxe und Therapie der Osteoporose mit Östrogenen und Gestagenen
M. Dören, W. J. Fassbender, C. Lauritzen
105 pages
Thieme, 1997
ISBN 3131044314

Cover: Senile Osteoporose : Prävention von Schenkelhalsfrakturen

Senile Osteoporose : Prävention von Schenkelhalsfrakturen
J.D. Ringe, P.J. Meunier (eds.)
137 pages
George Thieme Verlag, 1996
ISBN 3131042818

Vitamin D/Kalzium in der Osteoporosetherapie
J.D. Ringe, P. Burckhardt (eds.)
148 pages
Georg Thieme Verlag, 1999
ISBN 3131113316


Modern biochemical markers of bone turnover-Vademecum.
Jacek Lukaszkiewicz, Elzbieta Karczmarewicz, Roman Lorenc
Osteoforum 1998
ISBN 83-902635-7-2

Osteoporosis Treatment.
Eds. Roman Lorenc, Alina Warenik Szymankiewicz
Osteoforum 1999
ISBN 83-87848-14-X

Osteoporosis Diagnostic Procedures
Eds. Roman Lorenc
Osteoforum 2000
ISBN 83-913710-6-9

Ostoporosis Manual
Eds. Roman Lorenc, Wojciech Olszynski, 2004
ISBN 83-87-848-44-1 (in press).


Osteoporosis: Fisiopatología, Diagnóstico, Prevención y Tratamiento
Buenos Aires, Argentina
ISBN 950-06-2617-9, 84-7903-373-8

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