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Osteoporosis Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines for Orthopaedic Surgeons

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The CD includes the World Orthopaedic Osteoporosis Organization (WOOO) Recommendations for Care of the Osteoporotic Fracture Patient to Reduce the Risk of Future Fracture.

In partnership with orthopaedic associations including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the European Federation of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Traumatologists (EFORT) and the (US) National Osteoporosis Foundation, work commenced on osteoporosis clinical practical consensus guidelines for orthopaedic surgeons led by Professor Olof Johnell on behalf of IOF. As the presence of a fracture increases the risk of future fractures two- to five-fold within one year it is vital that orthopaedic surgeons recognise fractures caused by osteoporosis and initiate appropriate treatment.

The guidelines follow the findings of an orthopaedic surgeon osteoporosis survey conducted in France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the UK in cooperation with the Bone & Joint Decade and the assistance of the national orthopaedic associations during the second half of 2002. The survey, based on a US prototype, was designed to determine how orthopaedic surgeons currently manage patients with osteoporotic fractures. The survey results supported the need to improve fragility fracture services and provided a helpful tool for the implementation of the World Orthopaedic Osteoporosis Organization (WOOO) recommendations for care to reduce the risk of future fractures. At a European level the survey and recommendations for care were presented at a 90- minute symposium during the EFORT (European Orthopaedic Association) 2003 in Helsinki. See CD contents for further information

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