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IOF elects new board of governance

IOF's international membership has newly elected 20 regular members of the Board for a 4 year term commencing November 5, 2002. The board members, representing 7 regions of the world, were elected by secret ballot in September 2002.

Results of Regular Board Elections

Asian Region/ 2 members:
E. Lau (Hong Kong, China); H. Morii (Japan)

European Region/ 10 members:
S. Adami (Italy); J. Compston (UK); P. Delmas (France); L. Edwards (UK); H. Fleisch (Switzerland; J. Kanis (UK); U. Liberman (Israel); H. Minne (Germany); S. Papapoulos (Greece/Netherlands); and J-Y Reginster (Belgium)

Middle East/African Region/ 1 member:
G. Maalouf (Lebanon)

North American Region/-3 members:
J. Bilezikian (USA); S. Cummings (USA); and J. Gordon (Canada)

Oceania Region/ 1 member:
E. Seeman (Australia)

South Central American Region/ 3 members:
R. Lederman (Brazil); G. Riera-Espinoza (Venezuela); and J. Zanchetta (Argentina)

At their first meeting, held November 5, 2002 in Barcelona, Spain, the 24-person board reelected Professor Pierre D. Delmas as president.
The board also reelected Professor Herbert Fleisch (Switzerland) as treasurer and Professor Jean-Yves Reginster (Belgium) as general secretary. In addition, members of IOF’s three committees voted for their chairpersons and vice-chairpersons, and based on those votes, the board confirmed the election of the following people who become ex-officio members of the board:

Committee of Scientific Advisers:
Chairman: Professor René Rizzoli (Switzerland)
Vice-chairman: Professor Olof Johnell (Sweden)

Committee of National Societies:
Chairman: Professor Peter Burckhardt (Switzerland)

Committee of Corporate Advisers:
Chairman: Yannis Tsouderos (France)
Vice-chairman: Marcel Lechanteur (France)

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