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Note: Although most member societies are from nations, the IOF membership also includes independent territories, commonwealths, protectorates and geographical areas.

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Committee of National Societies (CNS)

Helmut Minne
Chairman of the CNS Helmut Minne

Judy Stenmark, Vice Chair of the CNS

CNS currently comprises 172 full or associate member societies in 85 countries, territories and regions worldwide. The Committee meets twice a year. Members are national osteoporosis societies or organizations which carry out medical activities and/or provide a variety of services to osteoporosis patients.

Click here for detailed profiles of member societies by country

The Patient Societies Sub-Committee of CNS is an important forum for sharing information about international awareness and education programmes. Activities include lobbying for better prevention, promoting early diagnosis for those at high risk for the disease and empowering the patient through support groups and independent information about treatment options. The Sub-Committee meets twice a year the day before the meeting of CNS. It is active in, for example, the organization of World Osteoporosis Day and participates in the annual IOF World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies.

Joining the CNS

IOF welcomes applications from osteoporosis societies worldwide.

Benefits of membership to the CNS include:

  1. Information on international osteoporosis initiatives by the Foundation, including lobbying for recognition of the disease at international organization and government level.
  2. International visibility through IOF communication channels: Osteoporosis Action, press releases, and an extensive website; discounted subscription rate to the scientific journals Osteoporosis International and Progress in Osteoporosis.
  3. Participation in international events such as World Osteoporosis Day, bi-annnual IOF business meetings and, for patient societies, the Worldwide Conference of Osteoporosis Patients Societies; travel grants for selected members to attend IOF meetings.
  4. IOF supports national societies and patient groups through educational and policy projects, international advertising campaigns and assistance with regional and community networking activities.
  5. Targeted support and media training, are also offered as a personalized form of support.
  6. Numerous educational publications, as well as posters, videos and presentations are offered to members for translation and distribution
  7. CNS members may apply for several valuable biannual grants. In 2005 these included the IOF-Linda Edwards Memorial Award, the IOF-Roche-GSK Communication Grants, the IOF-Novartis Education Grants, and the IOF-Amgen Health Professionals Awareness Grants.

How to Join

In order to be accepted as a new member of the CNS the following requirements must be fulfilled by the candidate society:

  1. The society must be a national or international organization and must have osteoporosis as its main, or one of its main, interests and areas of activity.
  2. The society must be independent from commercial, political and religious organizations. It can be sponsored by commercial companies, if such funding is provided by at least three independent companies.
  3. The society must have a formal structure (president, committee, members, etc), be officially registered and have regulations and/or by-laws.
  4. The members of the society must meet at least once a year.
  5. The society must develop either teaching activities in the field of osteoporosis for the medical professions, or to the lay public, and/or scientific activities, and/or should promote patient care.
  6. The society must have filled out the CNS membership application form (see below).
  7. The candidature of the society must be accepted by the CNS by vote.
  8. The membership must be accepted by the IOF Board

The CNS membership is divided into Full and Associate Members. Newly formed national societies with limited resources are encouraged to join CNS as Associate Members, enjoying all the benefits of full membership, except for the right to vote at committee meetings. No membership fee is charged for the first two years, but the society must apply for full membership after the initial two years. The annual membership fee for Full members is Swiss Francs 500.

Download application forms

  • Application form for new members:
    PDF (495 KB) / Word (151 KB)
  • Form for Associate Members to become Full Members:
    PDF (76 KB) / Word (40 KB)

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