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Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA)

Prof. René Rizzoli

Prof. René Rizzoli, Chairman

Prof. Olof Johnell

Prof. Olof Johnell, Vice-Chairman

CSA represents the basis of IOF's scientific integrity and is composed of members from the medical and scientific community. Membership is based on scientific merit. The mandate of CSA is to advise the Board on scientific matters related to IOF and its objectives to further clinical and basic research. The scientifc accuracy of all IOF communications is verified by CSA. The Committee establishes working groups and conducts research projects according to need and the interests and expertise of the membership. See CSA Working Groups, Research Projects and Publications

In order to ensure that the CSA remains an active body, the membership has been divided into two groups. In contrast to Full Members, Corresponding Members have no voting rights and do not attend CSA meetings. They can however participate in research working groups and receive written correspondence from IOF.

Elections were held in October/November 2002 for the Chairmanship of the CSA for the term November 2002-2006.
Prof. René Rizzoli was re-elected as Chairman and Prof. Olof Johnell was elected as Vice Chairman. Elections for regular CSA members whose 4-year term had expired were also held.

CSA welcomes applications to join the Committee from bone disease experts worldwide interested in the opportunity to participate in multinational research and keep informed about osteoporosis initiatives.

Members of the Committee of Scientific Advisors – December 2005

Full Members:

René Rizzoli, Chairman (Switzerland)
Jonathan Adachi (Canada)
Silvano Adami (Italy)
Roberto Arinoviche (Chile)
Claude Arnaud (USA)
John Bilezikian (USA)
Jean-Philippe Bonjour (Switzerland)
Steven Boonen (Belgium)
Mary Bouxsein (USA)
Maria Luisa Brandi (Italy)
Jorge B. Cannata-Andia (Spain)
Claus Christiansen (Denmark)
Juliet Compston (UK)
Cyrus Cooper (UK)
Steven Cummings (USA)
Bess Dawson-Hughes (USA)
Marie-Christine de Vernejoul (France)
Pierre D. Delmas (France)
Jean Pierre Devogelaer (Belgium)
Adolfo Diez-Perez (Spain)
Hans Peter Dimai (Austria)
Richard Eastell (UK)
John Eisman (Australia)
Dieter Felsenberg (Germany)
Ignac Fogelman (UK)
Harry K. Genant (USA)
Piet Geusens (Belgium)
Claus Glüer (Germany)
Stephen Hough (South Africa)
Olof Johnell (Sweden)
R.G. Josse (Canada)
Franz Josef Jakob (Germany)
John A. Kanis (UK)

Jean Marc Kaufman (Belgium)
Uri Liberman (Israel)
Paul Lips (Netherlands)
Roman Lorenc (Poland)
George P. Lyritis (Greece)
David Marsh (UK)
Johanne Martel-Pelletier (Canada)
Toshio Matsumoto (Japan)
Michael McClung (USA)
Osvaldo Daniel Messina (Argentina)
Pierre J. Meunier (France)
Paul D. Miller (USA)
Ambrish Mithal (India)
Jorge Morales-Torres (Mexico)
Hajime Orimo (Japan)
Sergio Ortolani (Italy)
Eric Orwoll (USA)
Socrates Papapoulos (Netherlands)
Jean-Pierre Pelletier (Canada)
Nick Pocock (Australia)
Gyula Poor (Hungary)
Jonathan Reeve (UK)
Jean-Yves Reginster (Belgium)
Ian R. Reid (New Zealand)
Johann Ringe (Germany)
Philip Sambrook (Australia)
Ego Seeman (Australia)
Markus J. Seibel (Australia)
Stuart Silverman (USA)
Ethel Siris (USA)
Jan Stepan (Czech Republic)
Nelson B. Watts (USA)

Corresponding Members:

Aurelio Borelli (Brazil)
Narong Bunyaratavej (Thailand)
Daniel Chappard (France)
Martina Dören (Germany)
Erik F. Ericksen (USA)
Jose Luis Ferretti (Argentina)
Shi-fu Guo (China)
Edith Lau (China)
Mario Passeri (Italy)
Christiane Pouliart (Belgium)
Alan Silman (UK)
Christian Wüster (Germany)

How to Join the Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) / Membership Benefits

Membership to this Committee of dedicated professionals worldwide offers the opportunity to participate in IOF working groups and multinational research projects. Members participate in the twice yearly business meetings where they can discuss with colleagues and keep informed about initiatives in the field of osteoporosis. CSA members are also invited to participate in the IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis.

Download the CSA Membership Application Form:
PDF (66 KB) / Word (39 KB)

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