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IOF Chief Executive Officer:
Dr. Daniel Navid

Dr. Daniel Navid, CEO of IOF

Daniel Navid is 54 year-old American lawyer based in Switzerland, with extensive experience in the fields of international law and diplomacy.

He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), a global nongovernmental organization with members throughout the world, dedicated to improving access to diagnosis and treatment for people suffering from osteoporosis. He manages the IOF Secretariat; oversees the implementation of IOF’s programme of research, technical conferences, public awareness and education activities and the promotion of policy change; is responsible for the management of IOF finances; and serves as an ambassador for the organization.

Before joining IOF in January 2001, Dr. Navid served for several years as a diplomat in the United Nations with the function of Senior Coordinator of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. Prior to that, Dr. Navid was the First Secretary General to the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, a global nature conservation treaty with more than 120 member states. He has also written extensively on environmental law and has been involved in the drafting of several international agreements and intergovernmental measures concerning biological diversity, the protection of the world’s natural and cultural heritage and the law of the sea. At national level Dr. Navid has provided advisory services to several governments in the drafting of legislative and policy instruments (e.g. Cyprus, Eritrea, India, Japan, Kenya, Laos, Thailand and Zimbabwe).

Dr Navid has participated in and presided over numerous international conferences, has contributed articles on environmental law issues to journals in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and has provided television, radio and press interviews throughout the world.


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