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Association for Prevention of Osteoporosis in Romania (ASPOR)

Contact Details

Office address Association for Prevention of Osteoporosis in Romania (ASPOR)
4300 Targu-Mures
Str. Liviu Rebreanu No 31
Phone +40 265 168 392
Fax +40 265 250 793

Last updated on 04/15/2004

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Society News

Dancing events for the elderly attract huge participation - with attendance by tennis great Ilie Nastase

Guide your parents OUTDOORS ! is ASPOR's slogan, trying to touch individuals' responsibility regarding their parents' health.

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In many cities of Romania, where ASPOR has support groups, discotheques were open for the 3rd generation on the 20th of October.Well publicized in the news and extremely successful, the pan-discotheque events attracted large and happy crowds of older adults. The great tennis player Ilie Nastase took part as did other sport celebrities who were recruitment-officers for the event.

Ilie Nastase, who attended the WOD event, also spoke in a public service announcement for ASPOR


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BMD measurement for senators

BMD measurement for senators in the Parlament -was ASPOR's World Osteoporosis Day happening in Bucharest.

Other events were organized by the support groups, such as: Targu Mures invited the "heart-disease" patient-group “Procardia” (exclusively made up of men) to a basket-ball match, followed by a dance-party.

The support group from Felix (a well-known spa with curing thermal water) had a whole-day program of scientific and sport activities. Among the 5oo participants were their colleagues also from the neighbor city: OP group Oradea.

The 20th of October was also marked by the "birth" of a new support group in Baia Mare, northern Romania.


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First steps of the Twinning support program: NOS-ASPOR

As part of the IOF's Twinning support program, ASPOR was honoured by the visit of Terry Eccles, NOS executive director in Romania / Tg. Mures. The main topic of our meeting was to share his knowledge and experience in "strategic planning" with Aspor-staff. Picture was taken during the break, when he met the local support group, who shared their experience in sports and entertainment with him.


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"Multilevel" Osteoporosis campaign in Romania

Civils, medical branches and authorities are targeted during the "multilevel" campaign, Aspor started in April 2004.

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