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Romanian Foundation of Osteoarthrology "OSART"

Contact Details

Office address Romanian Foundation of Osteoarthrology "OSART"
21, Voltaire St.
3400 Cluj-Napoca
Phone +40 264 198443
Fax +40 264 431040

Last updated on 09/28/2002

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Society News

Ziua Internationala a osteoporozei - O viata fara fracturi
World Osteoporosis Day - A life without fractures

The president of the Romanian Foundation of Osteoarthrology, Prof. Dr. Horatiu D. Bolosiu, togheter with Mihaela Boutiere, phsychologist, volunteer member of the society, hosted an 1 hour tv broadcast on osteoporosis at the local television station (NCN).

There will be also articles about osteoporosis published in the newspers, emphasizing the human suffering caused by the disease and the consequences of the osteoporotic fractures.

Under the theme "A life without fractures", "Osart" facilitates a meeting of the patients with the profesionals in osteoporosis field. The meeting is scheduled to take place on October 21st.

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Buletinul Osart

Publicatie trimestriala a Fundatiei "Osart", "Buletinul Osart" a ajuns la al treilea numar pe anul 2002. Acest material de informare profesionala este distribuit gratuit membrilor.


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Osteoporosis for the general practitioner
Osteoporoza pentru medicul de familie

Being aware of the need of up-to-date information of the general practitioners, "Osart" is giving away the "Osteoporosis for the general practitioner", an useful tool for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring the osteoporosis in the primary care.

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20 octombrie - Ziua Internationala a Osteoporozei
October 20 - World Osteoporosis Day

"Ziua Internationala a Osteoporozei" - actiune organizata in Cluj-Napoca de Fundatia "Osart" in colaborare cu societatea Napolact SA Cluj-Napoca (octombrie 2000)

Ziua Internationala a Osteoporozei este marcata la Cluj-Napoca prin actiuni specifice - intalniri cu pacientii, aparitii in media, postere afisate in intreg orasul - in colaborare cu o serie de institutii si organizatii implicate in lupta impotriva acestei boli. Un partener important in actiunile noastre este societatea "Napolact" SA.


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