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Osteoporosis Society (Singapore)

Contact Details

Office address Osteoporosis Society (Singapore)
Marine Parade Post Office
P.O. Box 648
Singapore 914405
Phone (65) 345 3435
Fax (65) 345 3730

Last updated on 06/24/2004

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Society News

BONE UP mass workout successful - help line available

The OSS partnered with the Singapore Sports Council and several women's organisation to conduct a Bone Up Mass Workout entitled BE AN ACTIVE WOMAN on 13 November 2005. Some 6000 women over the age of 40 participated in this event.

A hotline has been open from 12 October to assess the risks of women over the age of 40 using the Osteoporosis Self Assessment Tool for Asian Women (OSTA) chart.

Callers with high risk or medium risk with additional risk factors are entitled to a DXA scan at a very special discounted rate. This is made possible by the hospitals that have come forward to give their strong support for this worthy cause.


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2004 World Osteoporosis Day Poster Campaign

200 bus shelters throughout Singapore to help raise awareness of osteoporosis

Beginning at the end of October 2004, 200 bus shelters throughout Singapore featured large posters to raise awareness of osteoporosis risk among women. The posters, in both English and Mandarin, gave a hotline number to call so that people could assess their risks for osteoporosis. So far the Osteoporosis Society has received more than 100 calls.

On November 7, 2004 a public forum in both English and Mandarin was held at a Community Centre.


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