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Slovak Society for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Diseases

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Office address Slovak Society for Osteoporosis
Nabrezie I. Krasku c.4.
SK 921-01 Piestany
Phone +421 33 7623511
Fax +421 482 34110

Last updated on 07/25/2005

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Society News

World Osteoporosis Day 2004 in Slovakia

On the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day – October, 20th 2004 – the Slovak Society for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Diseases (SOMOK, scientific society) prepared in the cooperation with patient organisation SUPO (Slovak Union against osteoporosis) several attractive activities.

International Peace Marathon

At the 80th anniversary International Peace Marathon in Košice (the oldest Marathon in Europe) registered sportsmen had a chance to measure density of their bones during the registration for free on 1st and 2nd October 2004. Organisators of this event requested especially men in keeping with the 2004 World Osteoporosis Day theme of ‘osteoporosis in men’. More than 300 interested people measured density of their bones by densitometer, which was provided by Hospital Košice – Šaca for free. Organisators invited also media to this unusual event. In addition to professional nurses there were also doctors - osteologists in hand who gladly answered many questions concerning osteoporosis.

SUPO and SOMOK at Mini-Marathon

For public awareness ten officially registered runners wore white T-shirts with the sign: 20th October - World Osteoporosis Day and with the logo of SUPO and SOMOK. They participated in 4,2km run called Mini – Marathon.

Free measuring of bone density for public in 3 Slovak cities

The public had an opportunity to take part in free measuring on 20th October in shopping stores in 3 Slovak cities. Professional nurses helped to detect possible indication of osteoporosis or illness itself in Bratislava – Polus city center (8:00 am- 6 pm). Citizens from Banska Bystrica could visit the bookstore Svet knihy (World of books) 8:00 am- 6 pm, where densitometer was also placed. Men from Kosice came to the mall OPTIMA.

One-minute risk questionnaire

In addition, because the actual anniversary was focused on fighting osteoporosis in men for first time (and males smoke and drink alcohol more frequently), people in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica and Košice were given questionnaires, which were then evaluated by professionals with regard to appearance of risk factors of osteoporosis in the male population.

Other regional events

SUPO in Piešťany: SUPO edified citizens of Piešťany in the occasion of “Days of Health held on 2nd October” in connection with this disease, which is beginning to have an epidemical form already also among men in the middle age.

Top hockey players against the osteoporosis

The Hospital Košice – Šaca was also inspired by activities on World Osteoporosis Day. Bone density was measured in players of the top hockey club HC Košice at the Osteocenter on Wednesday 20th October. Results of examinations of base three “five sets” of players will be later compared with results of density measurments in next seasons. Thus will gained precious information about the bone density for concrete applied loads.
Besides that the Osteocenter of this hospital organized free measuring of bone density for public on Tuesday 19th October with concentration at men population in the vestibul of building in the 68 Main street in Košice.

Open days of Osteocenter in Hospital Ružinov in Bratislava.

Free measuring of bone density offed newly opened Osteocenter for public on 20th October from 8 am till 3 pm.

SUPO Nitra organized in cooperation with Faculty of human nourishment SPU (Slovak Agricultural University), Osteocenter VOUTaRCH Nitra-Zobor and city authority in Nitra free measuring of bone density for public on 21st October 2004 at 8am in the city hall building. Meeting with citizens were hold in city hall at 2pm, where other experts in the field of osteoporosis were present. The purpose of event was to inform public about the occurence of osteoporosis and about the forms of prevention by the proper prevention.

Association against osteoporosis in Košice and Impact Consulting organized VII.annual Košice osteoporosis days from 22nd to 23rd October 2004 in the premises of hotel Jahodna and the city hall of Stare mesto with the topic: Woman in business, man and the osteoporosis, or the opposite?

Media focus on World Osteoporosis Day

Part of collateral edifying activities for public was also gaining media attention for World Osteoporosis Day. Organisators prepared press releases for press agencies, state and regional periodics, radio stations and TV for World Osteoporosis Day.
They prepared and distributed made-to-measure articles for print and electronic media which work in Bratislava, Košice and Banska Bystrica for this occasion of measuring for public and qestionnaire activities. They organized interviews with experts – osteologists from SOMOK in Slovak Television and in Slovak Radio for the topic of World Osteoporosis Day and after already organized measurments for public.

Since 1.9.2004 new website was put on web. It has two parts – one for physicians and one for public. Activities of WOD 2004 were published there.


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