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Fundacion Hispana de Osteoporosi y Enfermedades Metabolicas (FHOEMO)

Contact Details

Office address Fundación Hispana de Osteoporosi y Enfermedades Metabolicas (FHOEMO)
C/Gil de Santivanes 6
Madrid 28001
Phone (34)91 5 78 35 10
Fax (34)91 5 78 35 10

Last updated on 08/20/2004

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Society News

Public conference held for WOD 2005 in Madrid

On World Osteoporosis Day, a conference for the general public (with Queen Sofia as ‘President of Honour’) was held in Madrid. The conference was organized in cooperation with the Spanish societies AECOS AEEM and SEIOMM as well as the Spanish Federation of Saving Banks. The conference featured a question and answer session, risk test assessment and BMD testing. In addition, FHOEMO has held and will continue to hold, training programs, press conferences and information campaigns throughout the year.


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The "Spanish Campaign on Osteoporosis" wins award for the Fundacion Hispana de Osteoporosis y Enfermedades Metabolicas Oseas

The Fundacion Hispana de Osteoporosis y Enfermedades Metabolicas Oseas was awarded an IOF-Roche-GSK award valued at USD 10,000. This award was presented at the IOF World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in Bangkok, Thailand on September 30, 2005 and will help the society continue to carry out their important awareness campaign called the “Spanish Campaign on Osteoporosis.” This ongoing initiative, to be continued in 2006, has been successfully held in some 100 municipalities over the past three years. Intensive one week informational activities are held with the cooperation of the town and county councils, housewives association, and medical and pharmaceutical associations. Through widespread local press coverage, ads, posters and brochures, the community is invited to a central location where information is given about osteoporosis and risk tests and densitometry is offered. An interactive conference on osteoporosis prevention takes place halfway though the week.
In the past these one week campaigns have proven to have wide impact in addition to the direct information offered to the public - with increased attention from political and citizen organizations and extensive media coverage.


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World Osteoporosis Day event Madrid

Los días 18, 19, 20 y 21 de octubre de 2004, se ha celebrado la Jornada Nacional de Osteoporosis/Día Mundial de la Osteoporosis, instituido por la O.M.S., bajo la Presidencia de Honor de S. M. La Reina.

World Osteoporosis Day was commemorated on the 18, 19, 20 and 21 of October 2004, instituted by O.M.S. under the honorary presidency of H.R.H. the Queen

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FHOEMO's activities for 2004

In 2004 FHOEMO has carried out, and is planning, a wide range of activities and events for the public, health professionals and the media.

Example of poster announcing "Open Door" days which offer the public free osteoporosis testing

Conferencia Mataro (Barcelona): From left, Rafael Herrero; Gloria Encabo, Concejal de Sanidad; Eduardo Nuesch, IOF.

One of the many "Osteoporosis Day" events held for the public throughout Spain by FHOEMO

Read more for detailed information (in Spanish).

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“Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision”- exhibition opens in three major Spanish cities

“Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision”, is a dramatic three-part exhibition by famous Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani. It opens by exposing the burden of the disease with ten facts and moves to monumental three-metre tall photographs portraying 23 osteoporosis patients without clothes, both men and women of all ages, from 15 countries and ends with a “Video of Hope”. The exhibition presents a realistic and informative vision of osteoporosis. The heroes are the patients who kindly agreed to be photographed.

The exhibit was a great success in Spain where it appeared in three major cities:

September 2003 Sevilla, Museo de Carruajes,Real Club de Enganches de Andalucia

October 2003: Madrid, Palacio de Congresos

October 2003 : Barcelona, Fira de Barcelona, Pabellón Z-6

A press conference, hosted by both FHOEMO and the
patient society AECOS was also held in conjunction with the event.

from left to right: Natalia Figueroa,wife of singer Raphael, very famous in Spain, who was the guest of honor, Miguel Angel Almodovar, journalist, who made an introduction, Carmen Sanchez, president of the Spanish Association Against Osteoporosis (AECOS), Oliviero Toscani, the artist and Dr. Manuel Diaz Curiel, president of FHOEMO.


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