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Donna Mobile Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osteoporose Schweiz

Contact Details

Office address donna mobile Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osteoporose Schweiz
Postfach 270
3000 Bern 7
Phone +41 31 312 45 55
Fax +41 31 312 45 56

Last updated on 10/12/2005

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Society News

Donna Mobile participates in Congress of the Umbrella Organization of German Speaking Osteoporosis Self-Help Associations and Patient Oriented Osteoporosis Organization (DOP), 5-6 March, 2004, Leipzig

Around 190 self-help group leaders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in the Congress. Through a Targeted Support Program grant, IOF facilitated the participation of Donna Mobile representatives at the Congress. Donna Mobile members both attended the workshops and participated as workshop leaders, at panel discussions and as speakers. The following workshops were attended: “Removal of barriers and networking – constructive cooperation between self-help groups, doctors and local political decision makers”; Leading a self help group: from group dynamics to team development; New tasks for self-help – on the way to self-confidence and autonomy.

Gabi Büchler, manager of Donna Mobile, reported that the important insights gained from the workshops will be implemented in the management of Donna Mobile’s self-help groups.


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Denise Biellmann skates for healthy bones

Denise Biellmann skates for healthy bones in Switzerland.

Donna Mobile will hold an event on Saturday, 24th of April 2004 with the famous skating star Denise Biellmann. Partipants will be given the opportunity to to take the risk test and the calcium test. Persons at risk will be invited to have their bone density measured.


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"L'Osteoporose n'est pas une fatalite"
Meeting to be held in Geneva for World Osteoporosis Day

For World Osteoporosis Day, Swiss osteoporosis organizations will hold a meeting "Osteoporosis is not inevitable" for the public at the University Hospital in Geneva

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Osteoporosis Infotour
Swiss patient society reaches out to the community

In April 2000, donna mobile, the Swiss osteoporosis patient society, began their "infotour", setting up attractive and informative stands at the most popular shopping centres and healcare fairs in Switzerland. The goal is to reach out to the community to inform about osteoporosis and, with the help of the "Are you at risk" questionnaire, have as many people as possible become aware of their personal risk for osteoporosis. "Our primary activity is to increase awareness and provide information. All men and women should be able to estimate their personal risk for osteoporosis," says Beatrice Geier, President of donna mobile.


Visitors to the stand are invited to complete the questionnaire and, if at risk, are advised to consult their doctor with their test results. People can measure their height and are invited to participate in a contest which involves answering questions about osteoporosis. The correct answers can be found on the different information panels and on the "patient stories" video which runs continually. donna mobile volunteers are at the stand to advise and respond to questions.

Visitors can measure their height at the stand to determine whether they've lost height

donna mobile relies on a dedicated volunteer staff

The tour is organized in partnership with the Swiss Rheumaliga and has been sponsored in part by Aventis, Merck Sharp & Dohme-Chibret, Novartis, Nycomed and Roche.

donna mobile – a young and enthusiastic organization

Founded in 1996, donna mobile has grown largely due to the enthusiasm, creativity and team spirit of its volunteer staff. The organization has over 1000 members throughout Switzerland and operates bilingually in German and French. One third of the members are from the French-speaking area of Switzerland.

Beatrice Geier, President of donna mobile (right) and Monique Ehinger Krehl, treasurer and IOF representative

The successful "Infobus" tour in 1998 showed the need for further community action

In summer 1998 donna mobile carried out a very successful "Infobus" campaign. The "Infobus", providing information and carrying a densitometer, attracted 25,000 visitors and carried out 2,000 bone density tests. Unfortunately, there was not enough time or capacity to cope with the number of those who wanted to have their bones tested. The popularity of the infobus, indicated that further community outreach was needed. In June 1999 donna mobile set up an osteoporosis telephone helpline. Staffed by a trained nurse, the helpline answers questions and offers moral support, directing callers to specialists and self-help groups. donna mobile is also actively helping to establish new self-help groups throughout Switzerland, as the telephone helpline has shown that there is a tremendous need for regional groups offering patient support.

For further information about donna mobile see:


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