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Sociedad Uruguaya de Reumatologia

Contact Details

Office address Sociedad uruguaya de Reumatologia
Av. Italia s/n esq.
Las Heras
C.P. 11.600
Phone + 59 8 2 487 87 76
Fax + 487 8776/ 487 3004

Last updated on 08/05/2005

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Society News

Advertising campaign wins award for Uruguayan Rheumatology Society

The Uruguayan Rheumatology Society was awarded an IOF-Roche-GSK award valued at USD 10,000. This award was presented at the IOF World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in Bangkok, Thailand on September 30, 2005 and will help the society to carry out its campaign of advertising spots on the prevention of osteoporosis in children and adolescents. This creative 12-month educational campaign for school-aged children will also involve doctors, teachers and parents and culminate in a TV spot to be broadcast nationally. 1800 children at the schools involved in the project will be surveyed before and after the project in order to assess its impact.As a first step, a course on prevention of osteoporosis for teachers will be offered. Information on bone health, peak bone mass and risk factors will be integrated into the teaching syllabus of the schools. A play, based on the childrenís story ĎA Breakable Auntí by outstanding Uruguayen writner Roy Berocay, will be performed in the schools. A contest will be held to award the best performance. The winning group will participate in the shooting of the TV ad to be broadcast widely for six months on major TV channels.


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Children's booklet with focus on calcium intake published for World Osteoporosis Day

Building strong bones in childhood is one way to help maintain stronger bones in later life. The Uruguay Society of Rheumatology published a booklet for children - in story form - entitled "A Breakable Aunt". The booklet, which features delightful drawings, is an entertaining way for children to learn about the importance of calcium intake.The booklet was sponsored by Conamigos, Conaprole and supported by ANEP, a program for childhood nutrition.


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