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Sociedad Venezolana de Menopausia y Osteoporosis

Contact Details

Office address SOVEMO
Centro de Investigación UNILIME UC
Altos de Colinas de Bárbula
Hospital Universitario Dr. Angel Larralde, I.V.S.S.
Bárbula, Edo. Carabobo
Phone +58 241 8687776
Fax +58 241 8687776

Last updated on 01/28/2005

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Society News

SOVEMO spreads osteporosis awareness message with poster campaign in Caracas Metro stations

As part of the recent World Osteoporosis Day event, SOVEMO is launching a campaign that will reach thousands of Venzuelans. SOVEMO is posting two posters in Caracas, Venezuela between December 2005 and March 2006. The first poster to be shown will have th message "OSTEOPOROSIS CAN STOP YOU."

The second poster's message is "TAKE CARE OF YOUR BONES METER BY METER." Both posters also have a detailed message about the risk factors of osteoporosis:

"If you are over 45, smoke or drink alcohol in excess, do not practice any physical activity with regularity, milk or yoghurt are not part of your daily diet or if you have recently have suffered fractures.... you might be suffering from Osteoporosis.

Talk to your doctor. Without healthy bones there is no life."


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