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Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center

Contact Details

Office address Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center
Shariati Hospital
North Kargar St.
Tehran 14114
Phone +8026902-3
Fax +8029399

Last updated on 05/13/2003

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Society News

EMRC's widespread activities on World Osteoporosis Day in Iran

20 October 2005

EMRC organized a series of programs to spread the critical role of exercise for being healthy and have strong bones among different age groups via appropriate physical activity through 2005 IOF message" MOVE IT OR LOSE IT".

Activities for children and adolescents:

Regarding the young population of our country this program took place in Child Auditorium with participation of hundreds of children from different parts of Tehran in the mean age of 7-14 for emphasizing on peak bone mass and insisting on regular physical activities in schools with the aim of famous coaches and well known, attractive faces for this age group. Different stations were designed for art works and bone, claying station in which the children were demanded to make family baskets to carry healthy food for bones. Distinguished painting and clay works were rewarded by EMRC and three over 50 of the family members' winners were promised for free of charge BMD at EMRC. Amusing group exercises with the aim of famous and familiar children celebrities and TV program faces were organized. Show cases and skits were also demonstrated for more impressive impact. Besides a package of amusing educational materials and posters sent to a number of schools and students were aroused to morning exercise by their teachers.

Professional Interview at EMRC with a wide mass coverage:
Interviewers form different news stations were invited to EMRC to spread the word of "Move it or Lose it" to public. The program and also the question and answer session was managed perfectly by Professor Larijani "EMRC Director and Chief Scientific Officer" and his team of osteoporosis professionals and broadcasted by different TV & radio channels several times. Moreover according to IOF recommendations for prevention and treatment osteoporosis for different age groups and genders public and customized educational materials were prepared and published in the highest impacted newspapers and Journals.

For aged people:
Health is vital to maintain well-being and quality of life in older age, and is essential if older citizens are to continue making active contributions to society. Of course one of the important factors lead to be an enjoyable experienced human is not to quit active life in older ages .So we intended to invite the grand mums and dads in their Auditorium and arranged a variety of educational programs included training sessions with EMRC professionals. In this session it was focused that "The older people become, the more they need regular exercise. It helps prevent bone loss (reducing the risk of fractures) and reduces the risk of dozens of diseases associated with aging. It also increases muscle strength and may improve balance and coordination, which can reduce the likelihood of falling. It also increases the ability for basic living, making it easier to carry grocery bags, get up from a chair and take care of household chores. Being physically active is a real key in maintaining quality of life and independence. These subjects were presented by short films, power point and teasers for better impression. Moreover One Minute Risk Test, BMD for high risk people, amusing competitions and all together exercise has been performed by EMRC team.

Activities on Friday praying ceremony:
This religious public ceremony takes place every Friday morning over the country. The subjects and program are presented during this event always have a great impression on people and recognize prominently. So, EMRC team arranged Osteoporosis camping in the ceremony venue and held various programs consisted, One minute risk test, distributing educational brochures and pamphlets, showing osteoporosis and exercise teaser, and answering to FAQ about osteoporosis with the aim of trained staffs of EMRC.

For Sport Teachers:
As the first line of publicizing exercise habit among children and insist in implementing regular weight bearing physical activity promotion like jumping and jogging in schools for as much as peak bone mass attaining esp. in girls, EMRC team planned a program in Women Sport Department venue. Informative brochures and pamphlets were distributed; BMD and blood samplings were performed for more studies on athletes bone and bone health indicators.

Osteoporosis Team, EMRC


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The Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center in Iran wins award for project "Constructing Strong Bones"

At the IOF World Wide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in Bangkok, Thailand on September 30, 2005, the Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center in Iran was awarded an IOF-Novartis Osteoporosis Education Grant to the value of USD 10,000.

The award-winning project, called �Constructing Stronger Bones,� will target osteoporosis prevention in Irans� large young population. Sport and physical activity in schools will be promoted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical education as well as the Department of Sport. The EMRC will start by writing special curriculum in collaboration with osteoporosis experts and sport coaches. Intructional and motivational workshops will be held for sport teachers. This will include guiding teachers as to how to incorporate bone health materials for physical education and to involve students in every day weight bearing exercises. In addition, students will be encouraged to research and collect information about osteoporosis, peak bone mass, and physical activity and then to present their results in posters and papers. Outstanding work will be awarded by the EMRC. An educational program outside of school for some 1000 students will be organized on osteoporosis day. This will be well publicized and its impact will be extended across the country.


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First international seminar on prevention, diagnosis treatment of osteoporosis
September 23-24, 2004

1200 professionals, nurses and midwifery participated in this seminar.

At the onset Professor Larijani the seminar chairman and Director of EMRC extended a warm welcome to distinguished professionals and participants. Professor Larijani stated that osteoporosis as an important public health problem in the world esp., in Asia. He also pointed out the importance of prevention and case finding for this disease.He hoped to relieve osteoporotic patients' pain and diminish the burden of this crippling disease through a systematic and multi-organ collaboration program with a special focus on prevention as before and widespread prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate facilities for all.

Dr. M.E Akbari Deputy Minister of Ministry of Health and Medical Education noted that osteoporosis is one of the most far spread and most expensive diseases in Iran.He pointed to the young population of Iran and focused on prevention as the most important policy.� Altering some of our incorrect nutritional habits is the first step of prevention' he said.

Dr. Zafarghandi, Dean of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, reminded of the 67th anniversary of Tehran University and noted the importance of multifocal organization to combat this hidden, debilitative disease.
Professor Pierre DELMAS the President of IOF and president of seminar explained about IOF as a non-governmental organization representing a global alliance of patient, medical and research societies, scientists and healthcare professionals.
He reminded of some IOF's vision, missions and goals like expanding IOF partnership with organizations working on similar or complementary issues and projects. He also honoured EMRC activities and its dedication to liberating the Iranian population from a disease that deprives people of enjoyment of life and independence.

Professor Ghassan Maalouf, IOF Middle East representative, admired EMRC's efforts in different aspects especially in increasing people's awareness by establishing a 24hour hotline for giving information on osteoporosis to people.

He noted that the EMRC is the only centre in the region which has begun to compile information for the Middle East fracture registry which is being developed with the WHO.

Guest lectures from IOF
Prof. P ierre DELMAS President of IOF and the president of Seminar

Prof.Jean philippe Bonjour

Prof. John. A.Kanis

Prof.Rene Rizzoli, Head of IOF's Committee of Scientific Advisors

Prof. Ghasan Maalouf, IOF Board Member and Middle East Representative

Prof.Larijani opened the plenary lectures with the lecture called ''Osteoporosis in Iran''. He compared Iranian osteoporosis major&minor risk factors, complications, prevalence and incidence with other countries.
Prof. Delmas' presented
��Bone Marker''&''Bisphosphonate and Anabolic Agents''. He explained� that Bone markers can be used to predict the rate of bone loss in postmenopausal women. Three independent studies have shown that high bone turnover is associated with increased bone loss over 4 to 15 years in women 50 to 70 years of age'.
He pointed out antiresorptive agents can reduce bone resorption.Prof. Bonjour made two presentations about' Peak bone mass'&'New insight in disturbances of phosphate homeostasis and bone mineralization'.

Prof.Rizzoli�s presentation was about ''Pathogenesis of osteoporosis''. After menopause, sex hormone deficiency is associated with remodeling rate and negative bone balance, leading to accelerated bone loss and micro- architectural defects, resulting into increased bone fragility.'

Prof.Kanis lecture was about' Fracture risk assessment
He mentioned hip fracture prediction with BMD alone is at least as good as blood pressure readings to predict stroke.Like blood pressure tests,the test has high specifity, but its sensitivity(detection rate) for fracture outcomes low over most reasonable assumption.

Prof.Maalouf article on' The spinal Curvature Irregularity Index (SCII) was so interesting.
Irregularity is measured at each pair of adjacent vertebrae and expressed as the SCII for the entire thoracolumbar spine.It provides a valuable measure to identify women with vertebral fractures.

During two days of seminar the other lectures were made by many distinguished scientists from Iran or other countries. During the seminar there was an Exhibition and poster sessions. Iranian scientists.
also successfully presented many facts and news about bone loss and osteoporosis.

Two practical workshops, Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis Bone Densitometry' were successfully performed by Iranian Doctors.
Five workshops were made in nursing midwifery group too.

Seminar Organizers
Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Centre
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Iranian Osteoporosis Society
Iranian Osteoporosis Research Network
Ministry of Health and Medical Education
Mediterranean Society for Osteoporosis and other skeletal disease
Related Scientific Societies

Note: This report was submitted to IOF by Dr. Eghbal Taheri Head of International Affairs EMRC


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IOF visit to the Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center (EMRC) in Tehran

The IOF targeted support visit to the Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center (EMRC) in Tehran from September 3-4, 2004 was honoured by the participation of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafasanjani, former president of Iran.

Recognizing that osteoporosis is a global problem, Rafasanjani promised his support to the EMRC, particularly in their efforts to promote vitamin D supplementation.

President Rafsanjani, currently head of the Islamic Republic�s Expediency Discernment Council, was speaking following a one-hour meeting in the context of IOF Targeted Support visit to the country.

After noting that osteoporosis is reported in the Qu�ran in the story of Zakarias, he congratulated IOF for its good work in all countries, without regards for politics, and urged international exchange of information and support.

Osteoporosis in Iran is a serious and growing problem.
Two million people are at risk of fracture, and currently there are 46,000 hip fractures/year, which cost million annually.Peak bone mass in Iran is 3.9% greater than that of Japan, 5.6% less than U.S.

IOF�s targeted support program sends IOF representatives to a member society to provide counsel and support for policy or communications projects at the national level. Ghassan Maalouf IOF�s Board member responsible for Middle East and Paul Sochaczewski IOF head of communications spent three days in Tehran as the first stage of Targeted Support for EMRC.

EMRC made a presentation on osteoporosis in Iran, and on EMRC work and plans with Associate Professor Sedagha, followed by a presentation by IOF about international activities and opportunities for EMRC to participate.

In other meetings the Targeted Support team, led by the hosts, EMRC Director Bagher Larijani and Eghbal Taheri, head of international affairs of EMRC discussed and adopted some 20 recommendations for EMRC and also obtained promises of increased support from two strong EMRC partners - the deputy minister of health and the director of the national television board.

The IOF mission also held two lengthy discussions with some 40 professionals from EMRC, including Professor Tabatabai, who is the director of the newly created patient society, Iranian Osteoporosis Society.


EMRC made a presentation on osteoporosis in Iran, and on EMRC work and plans with Associate Professor Sedagha, followed by a presentation by IOF about international activities and opportunities for EMRC to participate. These presentations will be posted on the IOF Middle East website.

EMRC confirmed its position as one of IOF's most active and creative national societies, and several of their activities would provide an example of good practice to other IOF members. They run a 24 hour/7 days a week osteoporosis hotline, have a large and expanding program of vitamin D supplementation, have excellent research facilities and have published more than 300 scientific papers. Dr Larijani is also a world expert on Islamic medical ethics and has written several books on the subject.

At the same time, EMRC expressed its desire to continue to actively participate in IOF activities and to communicate with and learn from other IOF societies.

Two long meetings were held with some 40 EMRC colleagues at which some 18 recommendations were presented. EMRC also announced the creation of the Iranian Osteoporosis Society, a patient-oriented society, which will apply for IOF membership. IOS legal registration has been approved by the government.

As an example of the high level at which EMRC works, productive and long meetings were held with:

·Ayatollah H. Rafsanjani, former president of Iran. Mr Rafsanjani confirmed his support for EMRC. EMRC is preparing a short video of Mr Rafsanjani's presentation.

·Dr Akbari, deputy minister of health.

·Mr. Zarghami, director of IRIB (television broadcasting organization).

The group also visited the headquarters of Charity Foundation for Special Diseases and gave an interview with Iran's leading daily newspaper.


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Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Centre,
Tehran University of Medical Sciences:
At the Forefront of Osteoporosis Research and Treatment in Iran

Osteoporosis is the most common of all metabolic bone disorders and is a major health issue in Iran, entailing, as it does, a significant socio-economic burden. Initial studies have shown that more than half the population of Tehran between the ages of 20 and 69 years suffers from vitamin D deficiency, one of the prime risk factors for osteoporosis and consequent fractures. It stands to reason therefore that one of the main targets of national healthcare programming should be osteoporosis.

EMRC facilities in Tehran

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