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Société Congolaise d'Ostéoporose

Contact Details

Office address Société Congolaise d'Ostéoporose
Q. Kimbangu I
B.P. 16.229 Kinshasa I
Democratic Republic of Congo
Phone +00243 9991746
+00243 98188132

Last updated on 12/02/2002

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Society News

Newly founded 'Société Congolaise de l'Ostéoporse' launches awareness campaign

The 'Société Congolaise de l'Ostéoporose' (SCO), a branch of COMECO*, recently launched an awareness campaign on osteoporosis, at St Joseph, in the district (commune) of Kalamu.

The event, which brought together educators, scientists, medical experts and students aimed to increase awareness of osteoporosis, which remains a poorly known disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC).

The SCO is urging scientific researchers and other experts in the field to join OMECO in their battle against osteoporosis - a disease which affects people of both sexes of all age groups.

*OMECO aims to encompass all aspects of life of the population, from improvements in the medical field, preventive medicine to the practice of so-called 'curative medecine'.


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