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Brazilian Society of Osteoporosis (SOBRAO)

Contact Details

Office address SOBRAO/SOBRAPCO
Sociedade Brasileira de Pacientes com Osteoporose
Rua Barão de Ipanema, 56 - 6º andar
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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Phone 21 25480678
21 25480496

Last updated on 12/03/2003

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World Osteoporosis Day March attracted hundreds

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Special women's health session in Rio de Janeiro's parliament planned for WOD

A special session on Women's health, including osteoporosis, will be held in the local parliament of Rio de Janeiro World Osteoporosis Day. Overall, osteoporosis advocacy in Brazil has grown in strength...

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Brazil is developing a national campaign against osteoporosis, sponsored by the Brazilian Osteoporosis Society and coordinated by its president, Prof. Dr. Rubem Lederman.

The campaign was launched on October 22nd, 2000 in Sao Paulo at Parque Ibirapuera, main center of outdoor activities of the city, visited by more than 100,000 people during the weekends.

Over 1,600 people mainly elderly arrived early at the park, many coming from distant places to take part in the event which featured lectures, calcaneum ultrasound and a walk which was held inside the park. Several famous people and TV actors addressed the public telling of personal experiences related to osteoporosis as experienced by their families.


Dr. Lederman conducted two speeches in a closed hall, for 500 people each time, presenting slides, world statistics and medical reports, answering questions afterwards.

In the outdoor area, over 800 people were underwent a calcaneum ultrasound for free. The time reserved for the activity was extended so all the people could be examined. Everybody waited patiently as it's a very expensive exam in the country.

Closing the activity, Dr. Lederman led a hike in the park for 800 people, carrying a sign about the campaign, which was curiously supported by many youngsters and children besides the elderly.

"The Brazilian population is extending its life period, which increases the number of old people. The campaign is an important initiative to alert the people about this terrible disease", says Dr. Lederman.

(Text courtesy of Ivo Simon)


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