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Liga Colombiana de Lucha contra la Osteoporosis

Contact Details

Calle 125
N 42-37
Phone + 571 651 4710
Fax + 57 1 651 4719

Last updated on 07/28/2005

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Society News

WOD celebrated in Bogotá with exercise, dancing

To celebrate World Osteoporosis 2005, the Liga Colombiana de Lucha contra la Osteoporosis held a large public event in Parqué Simon Bolivar, one of the most important parks in Bogota. Around 3000 people were able to see a gymnastics demonstration and dance to the Erika Ender song "Un Cuerpo Sano." 600 people were also able to receive a free bone densitometry test in the park. Several press agencies were present at the event and IOF advertisements were broadcast as well, reaching even more Colombians.


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LIGA campaigns focus on exercise and calcium intake in youth

LIGA COLOMBIANA DE LUCHA CONTRA LA OSTEOPOROSIS is carrying out a campaign to increase the consumption of milk, specially in children. This campaign, which focuses on prevention, ties into the planned activities for WOD. To emphasize the importance of exercise, the LIGA is planning to work with elementary and high schools in different cities across the country to encourage young people to exercise. During the WOD, many young people from everywhere in Colombia will be exercising at noon, and they will be informed about osteoporosis and exercise. The LIGA will hold a program in thw most important park in Bogota, with gymnastics demonstrations, a great walk around, and free BMD measurement for about 600 people, who previously must take the "IOF one minute test". Also, (not confirmed yet) the LIGA will try to arrange an "all star soccer game" with famous Colombian veteran players. Further information to follow.


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Major public event in Bogotá's main park

A large public event featuring different activities was held at "Parque Simón Bolivar", the biggest and most important in Bogotá.

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