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Osteoporosis Society of Hong Kong

Contact Details

Office address Osteoporosis Society of Hong Kong
c/o Prof. Annie Kung
Dept. of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong
Queen Mary Hospital
Hong Kong
Phone +852 2855 4769
Fax +852 2816 2187

Last updated on 06/12/2003

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Society News

Group exercise event for WOD in Hong Kong

The Osteoporosis Society of Hong Kong will join the Hong Kong Osteoporosis Foundation to hold a WOD 2005 event at Olympian City/Kowloon on Sunday 16 October.

The event, "Thousand People Group Osteoporosis Exercise" , will celebrate WOD 2005 with the theme "Exercise and Osteoporosis". Support will be received from the Metro Broadcast Corp of Hong Kong.

Further details will be posted soon.


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First Asia-wide advertising campaign promoting action against osteoporosis in Hong Kong.

In conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day activities, the first Asia-wide advertising campaign promoting action against osteoporosis was on October 18, 2004 in Hong Kong. Hong Kong based osteoporosis societies, including the Osteoporosis Society of Hong Kong, supported the event.

The campaign, prepared by International Osteoporosis Foundation and its 24 member societies in Asia, urges women to take control of their bone health by taking the "IOF One Minute Osteoporosis Risk Test".

The advertising will appear on television and in print.
In the 30-second public service announcement, the form of one mannequin, representing the one in three women over 50 who will get osteoporosis, suffers the three most common osteoporosis fractures wrist, spine and hip.

Leading TV stations throughout the region have agreed to broadcast the TV spot without charge.

Speaking at the launch, Prof. Annie Kung, president of Osteoporosis Society Hong Kong, urged people to take responsibility for their bone health by taking the IOF One Minute Risk Test. She said, "Osteoporotic fractures often result in a loss of productivity and mobility. Only by regularly checking our bone density can we Asian women be sure we will be able to retain our independence. The TV spot will alert women throughout Asia that they can easily find out if they are at risk of osteoporosis by taking the risk test."

The film and the campaign's coordination and launch were realized through services donated by agencies within the Interpublic Group of Companies.


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