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Bulgarian League for the Prevention of Osteoporosis

Contact Details

Office address Bulgarian League for the Prevention of Osteoporosis
6 Damian Gruev St
1303 Sofia
Phone +359 2 987 72 01
Fax +359 2 874 145
+359 2 988 49 33

Last updated on 05/03/2005

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Society News

BLPO Activities for 2005 and WOD 2005

In 2005, the Bulgarian League for Prevention of Osteoporosis (BLPO) made great progress with a survey conducted among 150 physicians and 300 osteoporosis patients about their therapeutic attitudes and preferences concerning osteoporosis. The survey was conducted in August and then presented at a press conference in cooperation with the Association for Clinical Densitometry and the Bulgarian Association for Menopause and Andropause. In the survey, they found that osteoporosis treatment is most often discontinued because of its high cost, and that only 20% of the patients continued with their medication after one year.
Additionally, for World Osteoporosis Day, the BLPO organized a training course for 28 members of both the print and electronic media. The sessions were successful and were made more interesting with practical exercise time. QUS measurements of the participants were made as well.


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Government approves new osteoporosis guidelines: WOD activities further increased awareness

The Bulgarian League for the Prevention of Osteoporosis has had a successful year 2004:

1. Guidelines on osteoporosis have been issued and approved by the Ministry oh Health with publication pending.

2. A Symposium was organized "A Turning Point in Osteoporosis" on April 30 - May 1 2004 with the participation of Prof. Helmut Minne and Prof. Flor Geola from LA, USA.

3. A Symposium on male health titled "The forgotten male" took place the week of October 6. It focused on male health including male osteoporosis since the year 2004 was announces by IOF a year of male osteoporosis.
We already sent you detailed info on it.

4. A campaign for free BMD measurement for Parliamentary personnel was arranged on the World Osteoporosis Day

5. The annual week for free-of-charge BMD measurement in a hospital was also held between Oct 18 and Oct 23.

6. A joint initiative, the Shining Spot Campaign, was organized with the International Women Club in collaboration with the Bulgarian Women’s Party. The Campaign projected a ribbon of light onto the National Museum of Archaeology in Sofia. The festivities were attended by Members of Parliament and other politicians who support the National Campaign for Osteoporosis Pprevention. The event was led by the famous Bulgarian actress Iskra Radeva and the World Champion in Art Gymnastics Lilly Ingatova, a celebrated ex-gymnast whose ensemble ballet performance will be shown on a big video screen.


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Bulgarian League for the Prevention of Osteoporosis (BLPO) activities in 2003

April 2003: Working meeting with Buglarian general practitioners. The meeting "Osteoporosis - whom and how to treat".

September 2003: Monograph entitled "Osteoporosis" was issued by Prof. A-M.Borissova

September/October 2003: Through the active cooperation and strenous efforts of the BLPO and the Association of Clinical Densitometry, the National Health Fund approved alendronate and raloxiphene for the treatment of severe osteoporosis (and now offer partial reimbursement).

World Osteoporosis Day events were held, including training course for primary school teachers, training course for journalists, and free bone density testing among ethnic minorities.

On October 24, BLPO, with the assistance of MSD Bulgaria, held a Round Table entitled "Bulgarian Women's Forum Against Osteoporosis".Special guests of the meeting included Mel Read, MEP UK and the wives of Ambassadors from USA,Spain and Italy. Prof. A-M. Borissova described the situation of osteoporosis in Bulgaria, underlining the major problem - poor knowledge about the disease among health authorities.


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Internet Education Program

The Bulgarian League for the Prevention of Osteoporosis (BLPO) has launched an education program on the internet and has welcomed Alissa Sofianska, the wife of Sofia's mayor its patron.


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