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Finnish Osteoporosis Society

Contact Details

Office address Finnish Osteoporosis Society
Makelankatu 78-82
00610 Helsinki
Phone +358 922 93 22110
Fax +358 986 84 4690

Last updated on 12/22/2005

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Society News

Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision
Helsinki, Finland
March 8 – March 18, 2005

All four Finnish TV channels covered the Helsinki opening of ‘Osteoporosis: A Photographic Vision’.

As at other such openings throughout Europe, the media focused on Oliviero Toscani, the well-known Italian photographer who created the dramatic 2 1/2 meter tall black and white photographs of osteoporosis patients "without camouflage".

Two opening events were held opened in Helsinki on March 7 and 8, 2005, hosted by Vesa Lepola, president, and Maria Valkama, chief executive of the Finnish Osteoporosis Association. In addition to a personal message of why he got involved in this project from Oliviero Toscani, three osteoporosis patients were interviewed. IOF head of communications, Paul Sochaczewski and Elisabth Rehn, patron of the exhibition (former minister of defense, currently special advisor to Kofi Annan on international peacekeeping issues) later spoke about osteoporosis and efforts to improve its prevention, diagnosis and treatment in Europe and Finland. Participants at the opening were serenaded by CM Swing, an eight-man acappela chorus.

The exhibition, open free to the public, continues until March 18, 2005 at the Alaston Totuus, an historic exhibition site in downtown Helsinki.

Oliviero Toscani autographs the exhibition catalogue


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WOD in Finland

The Finnish Osteoporosis Society is organiying a concert in a major Finnish city. Before the concert the audience will be given information about osteoporosis and given the opportunity to take the one minute risk test. In most cities in Finland there will be a public lecture and different events planned for WOD.


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Special School Project:
Rolling Bones – healthy bones for youth

In March this year the Finnish Osteoporosis Society established a school project called Rolling Bones. This is a three-year project lasting until the end of year 2002 which aims to motivate young people to adopt a healthy and active life style that supports the growth of strong bones. The target groups are teachers and pupils at comprehensive school, where the age of pupils ranges from 10 to 15 years. The project is carried out mostly in physical education classes, home economics and health science, but also in school cafeterias, health care services, breaks or special sport and activity days.

The Rolling Bones project plans to utilize new teaching methods and techniques such as internet, computer games, and self-oriented learning methods, and it also introduces inspiring and enjoyable ways of learning, including a special web site with funny characters such as "osteosaurus". See detailed description (PDF, 72 KB) of the project and the Rolling Bones web site for children


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