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Groupe de Recherche et d'Information sur les Ostéoporoses (GRIO)

Contact Details

Office address Dr. C. Roux
Centre d'Evaluation des Maladies Osseuses
Hôpital Cochin
27 rue Faubourg St. Jaques
75014 Paris
Phone (33) 1 58 42 25 84
Fax (33) 1 44 07 01 07

Last updated on 08/20/2002

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Society News

Be active to strengthen your bones

For World Osteoporosis Day 2005, the Research and Information Group on Osteoporosis (GRIO) organized about twenty meetings across France, held from from October 15 to 22, to explain the important role of physical activity in osteoporosis prevention.

GRIO and specialists have organized workshops, games, etc. to explain the benefit of physical activity in building string bones, to give advice and to convince people to practice a regular exercise to preserve their bone capital.

The WDO 2005 program is available on GRIO Website:


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World Osteoporosis Day events in 16 cities across France

GRIO's World Osteoporosis Day logo

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