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Hungarian Osteoporosis Patients Association

Contact Details

Office address Hungarian Osteoporosis Patients Association
Karolina ut 27 IV.
H-1113 Budapest
Phone +36 1 269 55 90
Fax +36 1 269 55 90

Last updated on 07/10/2002

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Society News

'Shining a Spotlight’ makes a splash

The Hungarian Association for Osteoporotic Patients organised its WOD festivities in Budapest aboard the ‘Europa Ship’ located on the Danube River. Green ribbons were distributed to the guests, among them renowned advocacy group presidents such as Dr Peter Lakatos, President of the Hungarian Osteoporosis and Osteoarthrology Society, Dr Gyula Poor, President of the Hungarian Association of Rheumatology and Dr Istvan Marton, Chair of the IOF Patient Societies Subcommittee, who is acting on behalf of Dr Kinga Goncz, Minister of Equal Opportunity. As part of the day’s activities, a giant balloon with a green ribbon will accompany the ‘Europa Ship’ as it cruises down the river. The ‘Shining a Spotlight’ initiative culminated with a green ribbon being projected from the boat across the Gellert mountain range.


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Regional meeting will seek to formulate consensus for diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis

An important regional meeting covering Central and Eastern Europe will be held in Balatonfured,Hungary on 20 May 2003 (in conjunction with the 13.annual Bone meeting) to discuss diagnostic and therapeutic options in different geografical areas. Speakers from CEE countries as well as well known international osteopororosis experts, Professors Rizzoli, Papapoulos, Baylink and Christiansen, will help to formulate a concensus suitable for the region. It is hoped that Hungary's Minister of Health, Judit Csehak, who has accepted patronage of the meeting,will be present.


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A breakthrough for male osteoporosis patients

Hungary's Department of Social Security has accepted proposals by the HOPA to reimburse 90% of treatment (alendronate) for male osteoporosis patients. Currently, alendronate is the only osteoporosis treatment indicated for osteoporosis in males.


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Beauty in all Forms:
Clothing Designed for Women with Osteoporosis

The Hungarian Osteoporosis Patient Association and the Fashion Department of Budapest Technical College (BTC) joined together in an innovative project to design a line of clothing for women whose body shape has changed because of osteoporosis. The designs were presented at a fashion show and award ceremony for the winners of the design competition which was held on October 21st, 2000 at the textile museum in Budapest.

BTC students and graduates participated in the design competition and women with osteoporosis acted as volunteer models for the show. The models were the true inspiration behind these fashions. Individuals who have suffered multiple vertebral fractures associated with osteoporosis develop curvature of their upper back, called "kyphosis". They may also begin to carry their heads forward somewhat on their neck, may develop a protruding waistline and lose an average of three to four inches in height.

While the physical effects of osteoporosis are well known, less attention has been paid to its psychological and social impact. Appearance is important to everyone and "Beauty in all forms" is one step in improving the quality of life for women with osteoporosis.


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World Osteoporosis Day Calendar

On World Osteoporosis Day (WOD), the Hungarian Osteoporosis Patients Association published a calendar of children's drawings which had been produced in a drawing competition held on WOD 1999.


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