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The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases

Contact Details

Office address The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases
PO Box 153
Pondes Hanna 37000
Phone + 972 4 627 45 49
Fax + 972 4 627 45 49

Last updated on 01/24/2006

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Society News

Fragile project launched at star-studded event

FRAGILE is a project of decorated cups by celebrity woman to raise awareness about osteporosis.
Fragile as a symbol for our bones fragility.
The cups are symbolic of bones fragility resulting from osteoporosis and bone disease.
The big launching event of the project was organized in a very beautiful place on March 10, 2005 with full participation of all the big celebrities in Israel.
The event was covered in every single magazine and news paper, on TV news and TV shows and was a huge success.
The exhibit of the cups sparked a huge interest by the media and got report in the biggest newspapers, TV shows , TV news channel.
The exhibition of fragile project was a special activity for the world osteoporosis week by the IFOD.

Photos of some of the celebrities who participated at the launch:

Gilat Ankori, Actress

Gili Lampel, journalist

Gili Shemtov, TV reporter

Sharon Aylon, TV star

Tal Man, model


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Exhibition of Fragile Project sparks huge media interest in osteoporosis

The successful 'Fragile' campaign in Israel is an excellent example of how celebrities, particularly strong and feminine role models, can help raise the profile of osteoporosis and increase awareness among women - while spreading the message of empowerment...

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World Osteoporosis Week 2004 – celebrities help raise awareness of osteoporosis

Israeli celebrities decorate cups to raise awareness of osteoporosis...

Tal Mann, actress

Cup by Tal Mann

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"Women For Women" project receives "Best campaign of the year award"

Drorit Nizani

The "Women For Women" project initiated in 2003 received the "Best campaign of the year award" in the Israeli Association for Public Relation's competition. The innovative project was judged the best of 33 nominees in the "Health and Medicine"category...

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Women for Women – successful Israeli photographic project heightens public awareness of osteoporosis

The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases launched a phenomenally successful photographic exhibit and media campaign which featured Israel’s most prominent women celebrities, photographed by the country’s best women photographers.

Lihi Lapid

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IFOB commemorates five year anniversary with launch of new logo and home exercise programme video

To commemorate its five-year anniversary the IFOB launched a new society logo (designed free of charge by the Israeli branch of McCann Erickson) and launched a new home exercise video for osteoporosis patients and those at risk.

New exercise video launched in 2003 for the IOF's 5th anniversary

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IFOB launches First Woman Leaders' Panel on the occasion of WOD 2002

The Isreali Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases (IFOB) began its WOD activities when its volunteers participated in an embracing "woman go far" walk on October 10th. This was followed by a fundraising event in partnership with the Business and Professional Women's Association on October 14th. The highlight however was the launch of the First Women Leaders' panel on October 23rd- an occasion which brought together prominant female politicians to call for increased reimbursement for bone density testing and treatment of osteoporosis for those under 65.

Parliament member Nehama Ronen holds the signed petition of 7 women leaders

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IFOB campaign receives positive feedback from health policy officials

The Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases (IFOB) carried out an ambitious osteoporosis prevention campaign in 2001. One important focus of the multi-faceted campaign was to achieve parliamentary support for measures against osteoporosis by improving the understanding and knowledge of legislators.

Parliamentarians visit the osteoporosis stand. To the far right, Irit Inbar, Director of IFOB.

An Osteobus (which featured comprehensive information about osteoporosis, including videos, posters and medical experts on-hand to answer questions) was inaugurated at the parliament by government health policy decision makers. IFOB received positive feedback from the legislators who showed their awareness for greater action on behalf of people with osteoporosis. The Osteobus subsequently travelled the length and breadth of Israel, disseminating information about osteoporosis to the public – and empowering people to take responsibility for their own health.

Osteobus parked in front of the Knesset

See detailed description of IFOB campaign and other activities (PDF, 29 KB)


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Women Go Far

Although World Osteoporosis Day is the focal point for many national osteoporosis society activities, raising awareness of osteoporois is a year-round job for IOF and its members. For example, the Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Disease (IFOB) celebrated International Woman's Day in March by holding a talk on osteoporosis for 250 women. Several weeks later the IFOB participated in a walking event called "Women go far" which was attended by Yael Daian, member of parliament. (middle in photo, with IFOB President Ingrid Inbar on the far right).


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Premier of new song "Bone of my own" in Chicago

Participants at the 6th Worldwide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies in Chicago were treated to a rare event: the premiere of a moving song, specially composed for IOF to help raise awareness about osteoporosis. This exciting project was initiated and carried out by the Israeli Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases (IFOB) and was the brainstorm of Tel Aviv public relations expert, Aliza Zanna, who voluteered her services to the osteoporosis cause. "No one before had thought of using a song to lead a global battle against a disease," says Zanna. "Bone of my own" is available on CD, sung by famous Israeli singer Ilanit who in the past has also lent her support in a series of public ad campaigns.

Ilanit, famous Israeli singer lends her voice and support to the osteoporosis movement

See the press release

Listen to the song in English as sung by Ilanit:
RealAudio-Version (970 KB)
MP3-Version, lower quality (1.5 MB)
MP3-Version, higher quality (3.5 MB)


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