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Macedonian Osteoporosis Foundation

Contact Details

Office address Macedonian Osteoporosis Association
C/O Elena Stojkovska
bul. Jane Sandanski, 76/30
1000 Skopje
Phone + 389 70 604-800
Fax + 389 2 3221-459

Last updated on 01/10/2005

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Society News

Round table held to raise awareness about osteoporosis

In honor of World Osteoporosis Day 2005, the Macedonian Osteoporosis Association organized a round table with two important themes. The first was conquering osteoporosis through prevention and the second was the role of the MOA in society. Several people were in attendance at the round table, such as a female member of Parliament, two popular singers, a former professional swimmer with osteoporosis and several media representatives. It was an important step for the organization to attract attention from Parliament in regards to future policy on the fight against osteoporosis.
In addition, a recent donation of two ultrasound units from the pharmaceutical firm Hoffman La Roche was promoted at the conference by measuring the bone mass of all members of the round table. The round table proved to be very successful in raising awareness about osteoporosis and the MOA.


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Activities of the association during last quartal in 2004

Working in i very difficult conditions of transition, more than 4 years, Macedonian Osteoporosis Association continuous with group education concerning osteoporosis, its prevention, diagnose and costs, all over the country

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World Osteoporosis Day 2004 in Macedonia

During the second congress on Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic disorders held in Ohrid at the end of September 2004, Society President Prof. Snezana Markovic Temelkova gave two comprehensive lectures to participants on osteoporosis. She also stressed the osteoporosis is a disease which strikes men as well as women. The doctors present listened with great attention, as the scope of the osteoporosis problem(particularly among men) is still not fully appreciated.

Prof. Markovic stated, "We must be aware that osteoporosis is one of the world's most widespread diseases. All of us - doctors, patients, media - must fight against this disease, at first by raising public awareness and by encouraging early diagnosis and then treatment."

Presentation of brochure at the Macedonian Congress on Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

Osteoporosis in Men posters were produced and posted in the larger medical centers thoughout Macedonia and at the Endocrinology Congress as well.

An summarized version of Ego Seeman's lecture on osteoporosis in men was published in a men's magazine.

A press conference was held on October 20th, with Prof. Markovic speaking about osteoporosis in men to the media.

Media interview

On the same day, a lecture was held for ethnic Albanians in a mosque in Western Macedonia. More than 300 participants attended. Brochures were distributed to all the participants.


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Launch of new brochure “Osteoporosis – Causes, Prevention and Treatment”

On the occasion of the World Osteoporosis Day, the Macedonian Osteoporosis Society promoted the brochure “Osteoporosis – Causes, Prevention and Treatment”. The presentation was held at the NGO InfoCentre in Skopje.

World Osteoporosis Day 2004 was organized under the motto “Osteoporosis: It Strikes Men Too!”

The Macedonian Osteoporosis Society has been active for the past four years, educating the patients and doctors about the complications that this condition can create, also working on raising the public awareness about the disease.

The brochure, published under the three-year partnership programme with the Dutch Osteoporosis Association, was presented by Doc. d-r. Snezana Markovik-Temelkova, President, and Elena Stojkovska, Secretary of the Macedonian Osteoporosis Society.

The publication, in the Macedonian and Albanian Languages, is available at the offices of the Society (Naroden Front 17/1-11, Skopje. For additional information, contact the Society at (02) 3221 459, or write to them at


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Macedonian Ministry of Health supports World Osteoporosis Day campaign

After meeting personally with the deputy Minister of Health, the Macedonian Osteoporosis Association has acquired the support of the Ministry of Health for its Osteoporosis Day Media campaign.

With the help of the local McCann Erickson office, the Association has made plans for an extensive World Osteoporosis Day media campaign.

To remedy the great lack of awareness about osteoporosis in Macedonia, the President and one member of the association appeared on the national TV on October, 19. They presented the association's program and activities as well as gave information about osteoporosis.
The IOF WOD poster will be translated into the Macedonian language and distributed to the medical centers around the country and it will be exposed there during the whole coming year.
McCann Erickson translated ,, The Train,, TV spot and with our efforts, it was aired on the National TV channels.
The association still makes efforts to contact with some well-known persons and make them interested in becoming Good Will Ambassadors of the Association.

A broshure for 3 specially modificated osteoporosis exercises is in a phase of preparation. Their authors are medical doctor and an expert for physical exercises.

From February the next year, the Foundation is starting with its program to organize women's clubs with the motto ,, straight and active,,. The exercise will be carried out in a gym, twice a week, at the beginning only in Skopje. The doctors, members of the association, will be present during the exercises and will provide advice concerning osteoporosis.

The interest in osteoporosis is growing, as confirmed by the number of the attendees at the last organized lecture by the Foundation when more that 200 women were present. By the end of the year, more than two such lectures will be organized.


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