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Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society

Contact Details

Office address PO Box 100
Cremisan Street
Phone +972 22 76 60 75
Fax +972 22 76 60 75

Last updated on 07/16/2002

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Society News

POPS marks World Osteoporosis Day 2005 with athletic activities involving people with disabilities

This poster, as well as a brochure on exercise, was distributed to mark World Osteoporosis Day 2005

World Osteoporosis Day 2005 was marked in Palestine by a full day of activity centered on the theme "Move it or Lose it!". Together with the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR) and the Bethlehem Sports Club of the Disabled (BSCD), leaders from the Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society (POPS) led a ceremony and a presentation about sports and its importance for all people of all ages, with a special emphasis on children with special needs. After the presentation, 55 children with various types of disability participated in different kinds of sports activities demonstrating the ability of children with disabilities to take part in activities similar to their peers. There were also table tennis competitions held during the day for both disabled and non-disabled young people.

After the athletic activities were concluded, all the participants were invited to a dinner and a lecture about the importance of exercise in the prevention of Osteoporosis given by the president of POPS. After the lecture, a basketball game was held at Bethlehem Stadium between the wheelchair bound champions of Palestine and the first league champions of Palestine, with the wheelchair bound team achieving victory.


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P.O.P.S. teams up with National Basketball Association to focus on osteoporosis in men on World Osteoporosis Day 2004

P.O.P.S. will be organizing a men's first league basketball championship with the cooperation of the Palestinian Association of Basketball. Ten first league teams will compete at the Bethlehem International Basketball Stadium through the whole month of Ramadam and the final match will be on the first day of the Ramadam festivities.

Other activities include:

October 19 - A one-hour TV program will be aired on Bethlehem television, with a focus on male osteoporosis. A specialist in osteoporosis, a nutritionist, a male osteoporosis patient, and the president of the National Basketball Association will participate in the program.

October 20 - the first day of the championship. The opening ceremony will take place in the presence of the Palestinian Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Salah Ta'mari. Prior to the first game of the championship, a friendly game between physicians and sports clubs administrators will be held.

All team participants and the referees will wear P.O.P.S. T-shirts. Banners focusing on osteoporosis in men will be posted in the stadium the entire month.
Flyers on osteoporosis in men, featuring the one minute risk test, will be distributed to the public during the games and and posters will be displayed in all the participating sport clubs. Daily results of the games and scenes of the games will be shown on Bethlehem television.

A public meeting with lectures will be held at the sporting club (estimated number of participants 200) during which sport professionals will talk about the importance of exercise to bone health.

A closing ceremony with distribution of medals will be organized following the final game and it will be broadcast on Bethehem television.


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World Osteoporosis Day 2003 in Palestine

The Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society (POPS) successfully celebrated Word Osteoporosis Day this year with a special emphasis on children's bone health.

Some of the dedicated volunteers who helped organize the POPSI event

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World Osteoporosis Day 2002 in Palestine

Despite the prevailing and life threatening political conditions in Palestine which entail closures, curfews, shelling and siege imposed on the territories, POPS will celebrate WOD 2002 as it used to do every year and even with greater presence throughout Palestine.

POPS is planning a "One Minute Test" Campaign for one week starting on October 20, 2002. Three hundred volunteer field workers from the Union of Palestine Relief (UPMR), the largest and widely spread primary health care organization in the country, will complete the carbon-copy questionnaires for around 50000 women from all parts of the Palestinian territories including the Gaza strip. One copy will be given to the women and one will be kept by the POPS office for statistical analysis. All volunteer field workers will wear a uniform (sweat shirts and caps) while filling in the risk test in major city streets, villages as well as rural areas.The campaign will be announced in national and local media, two weeks before the beginning of the campaign .

The local partners in the campaign are the UPMRC and Vitamilk.

Statistical analysis of the campaign will be conducted later upon raising funds for it.


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The POPSI School Milk Program

POPS' major activity this year is known as 'The POPSI School Milk Program'.

A POPS nutritionist has been visiting children in schools in the Bethlehem district. This is a pilot project that will be re-evaluated after six months with a possibility to extend the project to other districts in Palestine � based on its success. The nutritionist spends 1:30-2:00 hours in each school and delivers the following education material to teachers and children:

- Flyers on the importance of milk intake for children entitled 'Popsi flyer'

- Brochures on the importance of milk, for the whole family, to be taken home.

- Brochures on 'milk and pregnancy' and 'calcium-rich recipes' are given to teachers for parents who are interested.

- A 'Popsi poster' is hung up in each classroom.

- An impact paper 'Popsi mission' is distributed and completed by each child and collected one week later for the nutritionist to evaluate. It assesses their milk intake on a 'prior to visit' and 'post visit' basis.

- A talk is given by the nutritionist on the importance of calcium intake during childhood.

- The 'Popsi song' and 'Posi video cartoon' are then shown to the children.

PDFs of the brochures and recipe book in Arabic are available on request. Also see the Bone Education Resource Center.


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