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Portuguese Association of Osteoporosis (APO)

Contact Details
General Information
Services Provided

Contact Details

Office address Portuguese Association of Osteoporosis (APO)
R. Paraiso da Foz - 48 -6°-E
Apartado 5322
4150 Porto
Phone +351 2 61 77 870
Fax *351 2 61 77 870
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General Information

Geographical area covered Portugal
Year of foundation 1994
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Chairman Albino Aroso, M.D.
President Albino Aroso, M.D.
Vice President Jorge Pereira, M.D
J. Carlos Romeu, M.D.
Treasurer Maria Antónia
General Secretary Domingos Araujo, M.D.
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Chief Executive Domingos Araudo, M.D.
Representative at IOF Domingos Araudo, M.D.
Staff members Alberto Quintal, M.D.
Jardim Fernandes, M.D.
Celeste Ribeiro
Fernando Almeida, M.D.
Fátima Borges, M.D.
Emílio Peres, M.D. Phd
Number of staff members 7
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Membership categories individual
health professional
Number of members 150
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Services Provided

Telephone help line +351 2 61 77 870
Patient support groups Yes
Education materials for public Yes
Education materials for doctors Yes
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Science/medical Educational work with practitioners, hospital doctors and nurses, meetings and conferences, publications, newsletter, slide-set, exhibition material
Support local, regional groups Yes
Lobbying Lobbying hospitals and health authorities
Public awareness and education Publications, meetings, exhibition material (slides), TV and radio activities, general public advice, quarterly bulletin
Fundraising, Finance and administration Corporate fee � membership, membership fees;
Other sources of funding: Meetings, Tea Parties
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