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Beinvernd The Icelandic Osteoporosis Foundation

The 14th Annual Women´s Run in Iceland was this year dedicated to bone health!

Mrs Palmadottir, former minister of health and the partron of Beinvernd, addressing the participatns of the Women´s Run.

16.000 women of all ages participated in the run from 90 locations in Iceland and 10 locations abroad. This is 11% of the female population. The goal of the women´s run is to encourage women to participate in a regular healthy exercise.

Runners from Mosfellsbaer.

All participants got a T-shirt and a medallion award as well as refreshments at the finish line. The distance to be run were 2 km, 5km, 7km and 9 km. The oldest participant was 90 years old and she went for 5km.

The men awared the women at the finish-line!

It was a very good opportunity for Beinvernd -the Icelandic osteoporosis society to be involved with the Women´s Run. It enabled us to come forward with the message that osteoporosis is a serious health problem that can be detected and prevented and that good nourishment, that includes calcium and Vitamin-D, and physical exercise play an important role in preventing the disease.

Participants in the Women´s Run in Gardabaer.


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