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Macedonian Osteoporosis Foundation

Macedonian Ministry of Health supports World Osteoporosis Day campaign

After meeting personally with the deputy Minister of Health, the Macedonian Osteoporosis Association has acquired the support of the Ministry of Health for its Osteoporosis Day Media campaign.

With the help of the local McCann Erickson office, the Association has made plans for an extensive World Osteoporosis Day media campaign.

To remedy the great lack of awareness about osteoporosis in Macedonia, the President and one member of the association appeared on the national TV on October, 19. They presented the association's program and activities as well as gave information about osteoporosis.
The IOF WOD poster will be translated into the Macedonian language and distributed to the medical centers around the country and it will be exposed there during the whole coming year.
McCann Erickson translated ,, The Train,, TV spot and with our efforts, it was aired on the National TV channels.
The association still makes efforts to contact with some well-known persons and make them interested in becoming Good Will Ambassadors of the Association.

A broshure for 3 specially modificated osteoporosis exercises is in a phase of preparation. Their authors are medical doctor and an expert for physical exercises.

From February the next year, the Foundation is starting with its program to organize women's clubs with the motto ,, straight and active,,. The exercise will be carried out in a gym, twice a week, at the beginning only in Skopje. The doctors, members of the association, will be present during the exercises and will provide advice concerning osteoporosis.

The interest in osteoporosis is growing, as confirmed by the number of the attendees at the last organized lecture by the Foundation when more that 200 women were present. By the end of the year, more than two such lectures will be organized.


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