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Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society

World Osteoporosis Day 2003 in Palestine

Regardless of the critical prevailing political and social situation in Palestine; that encompasses internal and external closures, check points, unemployment and high poverty rate, the Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society (POPS) successfully celebrated Word Osteoporosis Day this year. In fact, some of the activities started in October 1st, 2003.

The following activities were held for Word Osteoporosis Day 2003 :

1. The Train: TV advertisement has played on local TVs since October 1st, 2003, three times a day for one month.

2. POPSI Children’s Festival: On October 19th, 2003, a festival for children was held at the Peace Center / Nativity Square in Bethlehem. It was a great success.

250-300 children aged 7 to 13 years were invited to celebrate WOD 2003. A famous children’s theatrical group (INAD), with whom we produced the POPSI song, performed a two hour show with the main theme being calcium intake and exercise. The POPSI song was also played.An awareness competition for children about osteoporosis was organized during the festival, ten gifts were awarded.

The children performed some exercises prepared by the group.All the children were given a pack of flavored milk to drink.They all received a POPSI leaflet regarding the importance of calcium intake and exercise.

On October 20th, 2003 an open day was organized at Bethlehem University in collaboration with various departments at the University. Approximately 200 participants from the paramedical field working in primary health care and other health organizations attended:

Several lectures and demonstrations were conducted :
· The impact of Osteoporosis : POPS
· Management and Treatment of Osteoporosis:POPS
· Nutrition and Osteoporosis: Nutrition Department.
· Physical Activities and Exercises: Physiotherapy Department.
· Prevention of Falls:Occupational Therapy Department
· Nursing Care and Osteoporosis: Nursing Department.

The “ONE MINUTE RISK TEST” was completed by volunteer university students for university instructors and students as well as for the participants present during that day. Estimated number of tests: 2000.

The Hotel Management department prepared snacks rich in calcium for the participants. It was part of the students' training in this particular department.

Refreshments (milk products; yogurt, milk and flavored milk) will be served.

· Osteoporosis, “The silent disease”.
· Nutrition and osteoporosis.
· Prevention of falls.
· The importance of calcium intake for the family.
· Calcium intake and pregnancy.
· Bone mineral density test.
· Recipes rich in calcium.

In addition, POPS' quarterly newsletter printed for the occasion was distributed to participants.

4. EVENING SESSION:On October 23rd, 2003 an evening session was organized for physicians from the Southern part of Palestine (Hebron) about the management and treatment of osteoporosis.Approximately 120-150 participated.


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