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Belgian Association for Osteoporosis Patients


In the past months, the BVO-ABO undertook a market survey, helped enormously by the Socialist Women Group(SVV). We had thousands of men and women compile the "One minute risk test", and those patients with a high score were tested for free with Sahara ultrasound heel machine.
The survey illustrated clearly that over 70% of the tested people were not aware of their health situation!
Hence the demand we formulate on the press conference : "Reimburse the DEXA for people belonging to the risk groups!
We invited a few celebrities, hoping they will gain us press coverage. We invited several patients associations, like cancer, hepato-transplant, or astma societies on the press conference, to help put pressure on the gouvernement to accept to reimburse the charges of the DEXA for risk patients. We will keep you informed.


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