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China Osteoporosis Foundation (COF)

Tetra Pak Bone Up with Milk’
Shanghai Supports World Osteoporosis Day
With 200,000 packs of fresh milk

Stage for World Osteoporosis Day event

Over a hundred TV, sports and entertainment celebrities gathered on October 20, 2003 in Shanghai in celebration of the ‘Tetra Pak Bone Up with Milk Charity Drive’ for World Osteoporosis Day. This event was jointly hosted by Shanghai Charity Foundation (SHCF), the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), Shanghai Media Group (SMG), and Oriental Satellite TV (OSTV). The event was solely sponsored by Tetra Pak China Ltd (TPC), who donated 200,000 packs of milk at the event to promote the awareness of a healthy quality of life. Osteoporois prevention begins with bone-healthy nutrition, which includes calcium-rich milk.

What was so unusual about this event? This was a milestone charity achievement and for China’s Osteoporosis Foundation: the first time ever, with such a large number of celebrities participating and the attendance by such senior officials, which included: Ms. CHEN Tiedi, Chairwoman of SHCF; Prof. LIU Zhonghou, China chief representative of the IOF; and Mr. Hudson Lee, Managing Director of Tetra Pak China and nearly 100 movie, sports and TV stars.

Some of the celebrities volunteered to donate milk and osteoporosis prevention leaflet to the less fortunate individuals, from senior homes to orphanages, in order to promote the habit of drinking milk in the local communities. Furthermore, other celebrities donated their precious personal belongings at the event for Shanghai Charity Foundation so that they can in turn auction off for the promotion of this cause.

There are over 90 million people suffering from osteoporosis, known as the ‘silent killer’, in China
(accounting for almost 7% of the population). This makes China the country with the highest number of osteoporosis patients in the world. A further 100 million people suffer from joint diseases; this causes a major strain on the national health care program. Recent research has found that although osteoporosis has always been regarded as a disease of senior citizens, it's roots may begin in childhood. This reinforces the need for early prevention through better diet and nutrition.

Experts recommend milk as a natural source of calcium that can help strengthen bones and thereby help prevent osteoporosis. A daily serving of 500ml of milk provides the recommended daily amount (RDA) of calcium for an adult.

Mrs. Chen Tiedi,Chairwoman of SHCF and Prof.LIU Zhonghou,China chief representative of IOF,awarded an IOF honor diploma to Mr.Hudson Lee,Managing Director of Tetra Pak China (centre).

Prof.Liu Zhonghou, Head of China Osteoporosis Foundation, and IOF representative, gave a speech on behalf of IOF on the occasion


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