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Hong Kong Osteoporosis Foundation

Large scale prevention program launched with World Osteoporosis Day 2003 Health Exhibition

The World Osteoporosis Day has been celebrated in Hong Kong annually since 2000. This year, Jockey Club Centre for Osteoporosis Care and Control (JOCOC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) joins hands with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), Asian Pacific Osteoporosis Foundation (APOF), Hong Kong Osteoporosis Foundation (HKOF) and Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW) to organise a large-scale osteoporosis prevention programme in Asia. The first of it is the “2003 World Osteoporosis Day Health Exhibition”, which was held on 19 October at the New Town Plaza, Shatin, Hong Kong. The theme of the exhibition was “Invest in Your Bones”. Prof. Kenneth Young, Acting Vice-Chancellor of The CUHK, Dr. Ping-yan Lam, Director of the Department of Health, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs. Alice Chiu, Chair of the Asian Regional Development and Promotion Committee, IOF, Mr. Paul Sochaczewski, Head of Communications, IOF, Mrs. Peggy Lam, Chairperson of the HKFW and Prof. Edith Lau, Director of JOCOC officiated at the opening ceremony.

A stepper relay was held in an attempt to create a world record. A total of 200 people participated in the stepper relay for a consecutive of six hours. The organisers hope to raise public awareness on the importance of regular weight-bearing exercises, and encourage them to take responsibility of their bone health.

During the day, over 8,000 people attended the event, of which 600 received ultrasound bone mineral density test. The health exhibition also featured fracture risk assessment, measurement of Body Mass Index, exhibition of high calcium diet, consultation on bone health, and performance. In addition, there was an interactive “Ask an expert” session in which medical professionals offered expert advice on bone health problems to the audience on site.

Educational leaflets and risk assessment questionnaires were distributed

Free bone densitometry testing and risk assessment were offered at the exhibition

Jockey Club Centre for Osteoporosis Care and Control was established in 2001 with the mission to promote healthier bones for all and to improve the quality of life of osteoporosis sufferers. At a press conference preceding the Exhibition, Prof. Edith Lau, director of JOCOC, spoke about the organization’s important community work. An example is the free bone density examination service program offered to recovered SARS patients in Hong Kong. Studies will be conducted to study the bone health of SARS patients whose bone health may be impacted by the disease or its therapy.

Prof. Edith Lau, director of JOCOC, with an air trumpet signaling the start of the attempt to set the world record in stepping.


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